Video Email App Best in 2023 Should You Use


video email app – Video email app best in 2023. Alright, guys, we all know emails have been around forever, but let’s be real โ€“ standing out in a jam-packed inbox is no walk in the park. That’s where video email platforms swoop in, offering a seriously cool and engaging way to connect with your peeps. Whether you’re a content creator, a sales whiz, or a marketing maestro, video emails are the secret sauce for taking your email game to a whole new level. In this article, we’re diving into the hippest video email platforms of the year. Each one’s got its own groove and perks, making them perfect for different goals, from nurturing leads to delivering top-notch customer support.

Best Video Email App in 2023 Should You Use

So, you know, video in marketing and communication? It’s pretty much the bee’s knees. It adds that personal touch, brings out all the feels, and grabs your attention like nothing else. Tossing some video into your email game can help you build stronger connections, pump up engagement, and seriously boost those conversion rates. To help you kick your email game up a notch, we’ve rounded up a list of the hottest video email platforms to check out in 2023. Whether you’re looking to whip up personalized sales pitches, gather customer testimonials, or shoot out interactive content, these platforms have got your back.

1. Vmaker

Let’s kick things off with Vmaker, the headliner in the video email platform world. Vmaker is one versatile tool that blends webcam and screen recording magic, allowing you to whip up and fire off personalized videos right through email. G2 has given Vmaker the nod as a “High Performer” in their summer report, and it’s the darling of content creators, sales and marketing hotshots, and even the YouTube elite.

Vmaker’s Cool Features:

  • Native Gmail Integration: You can record and send videos straight from your Gmail compose tab.
  • Custom Branded Player Page: Put your own stamp on videos with your branding and player page.
  • Team Collaboration: Team up and crank out killer video content together.
  • Call-to-Action Awesomeness: Toss in custom Call-to-Action buttons on your video player page.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage: No worries about running out of storage space.

And here’s the icing on the cake โ€“ you can dive into Vmaker for free and record videos at 720P with no limits. If you’re craving more firepower, their paid plans kick off at a mere $7, making it a total no-brainer to up your email game.

2. VideoPeel

VideoPeel is the go-to platform for whipping up social proof with some seriously slick customer testimonials and success stories in video format. It’s all about snagging video testimonials from your clients and flaunting them on your website and all your other sweet communication channels.

While the pricing deets aren’t hanging out on their website, word on the street is that VideoPeel’s plans get rolling at $69 per month. That’s a smart move to beef up trust and street cred for your brand.

3. Video Email App: HippoVideo

HippoVideo is the video personalization guru in town, mainly for the sales hotshots looking to fire off personalized videos to their email lists. It’s all about recording, spicing up videos with custom variables, and adding some sizzle to your content.

HippoVideo’s starting price? A slick $15 per month, making it a budget-friendly pick for businesses of all sizes looking to amp up their email marketing.

4. VideoAsk

VideoAsk is the new kid on the block, brought to you by the famous Typeform experience management platform. It’s the game-changer that lets you add a major cool factor to your client communications with videos, whether you’re tossing them in emails, website chats, or testimonials. And here’s the kicker: clients can hit you back with videos or good old text, making your communication next-level personal.

VideoAsk’s Grow plan gets started at $24, and the Brand plan is a sweet deal at $40 when you pay up for a year. It’s the ultimate tool for serving up that super personalized vibe in all your communications.

5. Adilo

Adilo is the ultimate party host, all about video hosting, and it throws in video recording, playback, and some smart analysis features. It’s on a mission to boost engagement and slam-dunk those sales with the power of video, offering 4K video recording, podcast hosting, and more.

Adilo’s basic plan? Starts at $29 a month, while the growth and unlimited plans are hanging out at $49 and $149, respectively. This platform is your golden ticket to a complete video solution.

6. Sendspark

Sendspark is the slick video recording tool that knows how to party with the big-shot email platforms like Outreach, Hubspot, Outlook, Gmail, and the whole gang. It’s a hit with the sales, marketing, and customer success crowd, all about serving up that personalized video communication.

Sendspark rocks the Chrome extension vibe, and you can jump in with the Pro plan at $12 or go big with the Business plan at $15 when you pay for the year. It’s budget-friendly and perfect for cranking up your email outreach game.

7. Vidyard

Vidyard is the ultimate video platform for taking your virtual selling skills to the next level. It’s your secret weapon for recording and sharing videos with prospects, whether it’s sales pitches, proposals, demos, or just sending some video love.

Pricing for Vidyard starts at $15 per month for the Pro plan, and the Teams plan rolls in at $300 per month. It’s the platform you need to supercharge your sales and marketing game with video.


Email isn’t going anywhere, but it’s getting a makeover. Video email platforms are leading the charge, offering a fresh way to connect, engage, and convert. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or sales guru, the platforms we’ve highlighted in this article have got what it takes. From creating and sharing videos to collecting testimonials, it’s time to kick your email game up a notch โ€“ the cool way!



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