How to Find Video Editing Apprenticeships


Video Editing Apprenticeships – How to find video editing apprenticeships. So, you’re thinking of diving into the wild world of video editing, huh? Well, buckle up because we’re about to take you on a journey through the realm of video editing apprenticeships. We’ll spill the tea on the different types of video editing jobs out there, how to score the perfect gig, and what skills you need to slay in this creative field.

How to Find Video Editing Apprenticeships

Video editing is like the ultimate blend of tech wizardry and creative vibes. It’s where you turn raw footage into cinematic magic. And guess what? You don’t need to be an editing guru from day one. Most peeps start their editing journey as apprentices or assistant editors. These are entry-level gigs that give you hands-on experience while you learn from the OGs in the biz.

But before we get down to the nitty-gritty of video editing apprenticeships, let’s take a quick detour to explore the different flavors of video editing jobs:

Types of Video Editing Jobs

You can see the types below:

1. Scripted Films

Picture yourself editing scenes for epic movies, from big Hollywood blockbusters to indie darlings. It’s all about bringing that cinematic vision to life. You’ll be making calls on pacing, storytelling, and making things look super fly.

2. Documentary Films

Think you can craft a compelling story from a jumble of unscripted footage? That’s the gig of a documentary editor. No script? No problem. It’s all about making sense of hours of raw material and turning it into a storytelling masterpiece.

4. Scripted Television

TV editing covers everything from sitcoms to dramas. You’ll be the puppet master behind the scenes, making sure each episode vibes with the show’s tone and pacing. Experience in network or cable TV is your golden ticket here.

5. Unscripted and Reality TV

Wanna edit the juiciest bits of reality drama or create epic game show moments? This is where you shine. It’s all about crafting stories from raw footage, and sometimes you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the show’s producers.

6. News

If you’re into keeping it real with current events, news editing might be your jam. You’ll be working your editing magic on news stories, creating snazzy visuals, and ensuring the info flows smoothly. Local news might be your starting point before you hit the big leagues.

7. Sports

Sports editing is like scoring the winning goal in the editing game. You’ll be working with universities, sports teams, or TV networks, crafting highlight reels and delivering that adrenaline rush to viewers.

8. Commercials

Get ready to dive into the world of advertising. You’ll be creating ads for companies big and small, rubbing elbows with corporate folks, and maybe even going national with your work.

9. Creator Content

The internet’s your playground if you’re into creator content. You’ll be whipping up videos for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more. But beware, deadlines can be tighter than skinny jeans, so be ready to hustle.

10. Corporate Content

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need videos for marketing, training, and internal stuff. Freelancers and full-timers both find a home here. You might even dip your toes into other production tasks like color correction and sound editing.

And hey, if you’re feeling extra fancy, there are gigs in music videos, trailers, and special live events like weddings. There’s a video editing gig for every taste!

How to Find Video Editing Apprenticeships Jobs

Okay, let’s talk strategy. How do you land that dream video editing gig? Well, it depends on your hustle style.

If you’re all about the freelance life, start by snatching up entry-level projects in film, TV, or digital media. Build up that portfolio, connect with other video peeps, and you’ll be on your way to living the dream. But remember, freelancing can be a rollercoaster ride when it comes to income stability.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming for that steady 9-to-5 as a senior editor at a company, get ready to climb the ladder. It usually starts with internships, apprenticeships, or assistant editor roles. And hey, formal education can be your secret weapon. Consider getting a BFA or MFA in video editing from a legit university. You’ll learn all the techy stuff and work on cool student films.

Required Skills

Now, let’s chat about the skills you’ll need to slay in the video editing game:

  • Storytelling Savvy: You’ve gotta be the storytelling guru, knowing when to drop the plot twist and when to amp up the drama.
  • Tech Wizardry: Master editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. Stay woke on the latest tech trends โ€“ it’s all part of the game.
  • Team Player Vibes: Collaboration and communication are your BFFs. You’ll be working with other production peeps, so keep those vibes positive.
  • Organization and Attention to Deets: Tight deadlines, fast-paced editing โ€“ you need to be on point. Organization and an eagle eye for detail are non-negotiable.
  • Networking Ninja: Build your squad of industry peeps, from fellow editors to producers and clients. Connections are your ticket to the hottest gigs.

Where to Find Entry-Level Gigs

The internet is where the magic happens, my friend. Job sites catering to the entertainment industry like Backstage and Mandy are your treasure troves of freelance opportunities.

You can also hit up print and online databases like Production Weekly and Production Bulletin to stay in the loop about exciting projects. And don’t sleep on social media. LinkedIn and Facebook can be goldmines for networking with video pros like yourself.

So there you have it โ€“ the lowdown on video editing apprenticeships and breaking into the scene. Whether you’re all about making movie magic, crafting documentaries, or going viral on the internet, video editing has a place for you. Get those editing skills on fleek, network like a boss, and get ready to drop some jaw-dropping visuals on the world. It’s gonna be lit!



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