Unable to Play video ESPN Apps? These Are The Solutions


unable to play video espn apps

Networkingaudiovideo.com – Unable to play video espn apps, these are the solutios to fix the problem. In this digital age, apps like ESPN are our lifeline to all things sports. But hey, sometimes, we hit a technical roadblock, and that roadblock might just be the inability to play videos on the ESPN app. It’s frustrating, we get it. But fear not, we’ve got some rad troubleshooting steps that might just save your sports-loving day.

The Solutions to Fix Unable to Play video ESPN Apps

So, you’re chillin’, trying to catch the latest sports action on your ESPN app, but the videos just won’t play. What’s the deal, right? Well, let’s start with the basics.

1. Give Your Device a Reboot

You know how sometimes your phone gets all funky, and a simple restart fixes things? Well, that’s our first move. Restarting your device clears out the cobwebs, speeds up the works, and can make ESPN behave. Just make sure you close all those lurking background apps before hitting the reboot button. Once it’s back on, check if ESPN’s back in the game.

2. Check Your Internet

ESPN is all about that online sports goodness. If your videos ain’t playing, it might be ’cause your internet game’s weak. Time to put on your tech detective hat. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Open your phone settings.
  2. Tap on Wi-Fi to see your available networks.
  3. Toggle the switch to find all the internet connections in town.
  4. Connect to your network or any other functional one.

If you’re already on the internet, but ESPN’s still acting up, try rebooting your router. If that doesn’t cut it, hit up your internet service provider for some backup.

And don’t forget to test your internet speed with one of those cool speed testing websites. You want that network to be as steady as your favorite player’s free throw.

3. Say No to Airplane Mode

Your device needs wings to fly on the internet, and Airplane Mode ain’t gonna cut it. If it’s switched on, you’re grounded, and so is ESPN. So, check if that Airplane Mode switch is lurking in the ‘on’ position, and flip it off.

4. Unable to Play Video Espn Apps: Compatibility Check

Alright, so, your phone might be a vintage model. And you know what happens with old-school tech, right? They stop vibing with the latest apps. Check this out:

  1. Hit up the Play Store (if you’re on Android) or the App Store (for iOS).
  2. Find ESPN in the app jungle.
  3. Scroll down for the app deets.
  4. Check out the “Compatibility” section and compare it with your current OS.

For the scoop, ESPN vibes with iOS 14.0 and up for Apple devices and OS 5.0 and up for Android gadgets.

5. Break Free from Geo-Restrictions

Hey, you know ESPN+ is like that VIP section in the sports world, right? But it’s only open to folks in the US. If you’re in the States and still can’t get in on the action, make sure your phone isn’t on a VPN joyride. Turn that VPN off, and you’re back in the game.

If you’re an international baller, ESPN Player is your jam, but it’s got a limited guest list (Europe, Middle East, and Africa only). If you’re outside that circle, maybe it’s time to scout for ESPN app alternatives or fire up that VPN to dodge geo-restrictions.

6. ESPN+ Got the Blues? Check It Out

So, your ESPN+ subscription is ghosting you? Might be a service hiccup. Check if ESPN+ is throwing a fit by cruising over to a site like Downdetector.com. It’ll spill the beans on any connection weirdness and why ESPN’s acting up. Once you’ve got the 411, head over to ESPN Support to report any streaming beef.

7. Give the App a Little Reboot Hug

Since smartphones became a thing, rebooting apps is like the ultimate lifehack. If ESPN’s frozen or trippin’, giving the app a little restart can work wonders. And if you’ve got a bunch of apps partying in the background, shutting down ESPN and firing it back up can keep those crashes and lag at bay.

8. Unable to Play Video ESPN Apps: Clear That Cache

Ever wonder where all that app data goes? Some of it hangs around in the cache, but too much of a good thing can lead to crashes. Unfortunately, on iPhones, you can’t clear ESPN’s cache directly. But you can still Marie Kondo your device:

  1. Go to your settings.
  2. Scroll till you see Safari.
  3. Select “Clear History and Website Data.”

For the Android crowd, here’s how to clear that cache:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click on Apps.
  3. Scroll down and pick the ESPN app.
  4. Tap on Storage and hit “Clear Cache.”

This clears out the clutter and might just get ESPN back on its feet.

9. Update Your Device

Your phone’s like a fine wine; it gets better with age. Well, sort of. Updating your device to the latest OS can make the app run smoother. If you’re an iPhone head, here’s how to keep it fresh:

  1. Open Settings and tap on General.
  2. Choose Software Update to check for that juicy new OS.
  3. Your phone will either chow down on the update or tell you it’s already the coolest kid on the block.

If you’re reppin’ Team Android, there’s a whole guide on how to keep that droid updated.

10. Unable to Play Video Espn apps: ESPN App Updates

ESPN drops app updates like a DJ spinning hits at a party. If you’re not grooving with the latest version, you might be stuck with app issues. Keep your ESPN app up to date, my friend.

Hit up the App Store or Google Play Store and search for ESPN. If there’s a new version in town, you’ll see an “Update” button. If you don’t, congrats, you’re already on the cutting edge.

11. The Nuclear Option – Reinstall ESPN

When all else fails, sometimes you gotta nuke it and start fresh. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Delete ESPN from your device.
  2. Head over to the Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS) and find ESPN.
  3. Reinstall that bad boy on your phone.

This will give you the latest ESPN app, and it’s like wiping the slate clean.


ESPN is the go-to app for sports fanatics worldwide. But tech hiccups can throw a wrench into your game day experience, especially when you can’t play those epic videos. Don’t sweat it though! With these troubleshooting moves, you’re armed to tackle the issue and get back to enjoying your favorite sports news in no time. Remember, simple fixes like rebooting your device or clearing out app junk can often do the trick. And if all else fails, reach out to ESPN’s tech support for some extra backup. So, go on, score those touchdowns and slam those dunks with the



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