Twerk Video App Best for Android and iOS


twerk video app – Twerk video app for android and iOS. Alright, guys, hold onto your hats because we’re about to dive headfirst into the crazy world of twerking apps! Yeah, you heard it right – those apps that make you wanna shake that booty. Whether you’re a newbie eager to learn or a twerk master ready to show off, we’ve got a killer list of the coolest twerk apps for Android and iOS that’ll get you bumpin’ and grindin’ in no time!

Best Twerk Video App for Android and iOS

You can see the twerk video app below:

1. Twerk Race 3D

Twerk Race 3D is all about merging booty-shaking with some epic racing action. Your mission? Become the twerking champ by beefing up that booty. While you’re racing, you’ll encounter all sorts of wild obstacles on your quest to claim the title of the ultimate twerk dancer. You can munch on healthy snacks to stay fit or indulge in some junk to bulk up that badonkadonk. Plus, you get to pimp out your character and style ’em however you like.

In a nutshell, your one and only goal is to cross the finish line before anyone else with that glorious gluteus maximus. Twerk Race 3D is the real deal, packed with levels and features to keep the good times rollin’.

2. Twerk Meter

Think you’ve got the sickest twerk moves? Well, Twerk Meter is here to put you to the test. It’s like the ultimate twerk-off where you can go head-to-head with twerkers from around the world. This app lets you strut your stuff and even throws in a speed challenge mode to see if you can twerk at warp speed. Rack up those high scores and bag some sweet achievements for your twerk prowess.

The best part? Twerk Meter is free to play and works on both iOS and Android. You can even flex your twerk speed and achievements to the world.

3. Twerk Hero

Ready for a twerktastic challenge that’ll have you shaking what your mama gave you? Twerk Hero’s got your back. It’s got a bunch of games and levels that’ll have you twerking your heart out in all sorts of cool locations, from underground garages to your own crib.

All you’ve got to do is groove to the rhythm and use your fingers to nail those dance moves. And if you’re feeling extra confident, there’s a challenge mode for the pros, or you can keep it freestyle with a bunch of features like unique locations and character customization. The devs are always dropping fresh locations and features to keep your twerk game on point.

4. AllStarTwerkers

Now, here’s one of my personal faves – AllStarTwerkers. This game lets your character twerk to some seriously banging beats. Get ready to bust a move with an array of awesome characters, each with their own unique swag and voices. With hundreds of levels to tackle, you can dance your heart out with characters ranging from dancing robots like Violetta to the girl next door doin’ the nae nae, and a whole bunch more.

5. Everdance

If you’re all about getting your groove on and want to bring some twerking into your daily life, Everdance is the way to go. This app lets you learn and enjoy various dances like pole dancing, pop, twerk, and even Zumba. Whether you’re looking for a fitness coach or just a dance buddy, Everdance has got your back.

With Everdance, you can learn and dance wherever you want with just a few taps. The coolest part? You can record your dance moves and share them with friends on Instagram, TikTok, and Dubsmash.

The best thing about this app is that it’s suitable for all age groups. Whether you’re a Zumba fanatic or a mom looking for some fun, this app’s got something for everyone.

6. Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now is another dancing app that’s all about having a blast and picking up some fresh moves. With this app, you can groove to fantastic choreographies and songs without needing a fancy game console. It even keeps tabs on the calories you torch and displays your total on your Google Fit dashboard.

On top of that, this twerk video app offers a library of 500 songs, including hits from the 2022 console game Just Dance. From “Killing This Love” to “Shape of You,” it’s got all the chart-toppers you need for a killer workout. All you’ve got to do is pick a song and start dancing like there’s no tomorrow. You can even host dance parties with anywhere from 10 to a massive 1000 players worldwide.


STEEZY is your golden ticket to becoming a dance sensation. It’s chock-full of dance tutorials, routines, and classes taught by top-tier dance instructors. You can even cast the STEEZY app to your smart TV or Android device to transform your home into a dance studio.

The best part? They’ve got classes for everyone, from beginners to experts, so you can learn any dance at your own pace. If you’re itching to master twerking or any other dance style, you’ve got to give STEEZY a whirl on your Android or iOS device.


In a world where apps keep evolving, there are endless ways to experience the joy and excitement of twerking. Whether you want to dance, learn new moves, or simply have a blast with friends and family, these apps will bring the twerking fun into your life. So, get out there, keep dancing, and shake it like you mean it!



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