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Networkingaudiovideo.comStock video app with royalty free,very important for those of us who work in content creation. In today’s digital era, video content reigns supreme in the realm of media and communication. Whether you’re a pro filmmaker, a content creator, or just someone jazzing up your projects with eye-catching visuals, having access to top-notch stock videos is a must. Luckily, there’s a bunch of stock video apps out there that cater to all sorts of needs and tastes. In this article, we’re gonna dive into some of the coolest stock video apps that can take your video game up a notch.

Best Stock Video App Royalty Free for Great Content

You can see the list of app below:

1. Motion Array

Motion Array, as the name suggests, is a swiss army knife of a platform with a boatload of video goodies – think stock footage, video templates, photos, music, and sound effects. It’s like the ultimate toolkit for video creators, and it’s got buddies like Artlist and Artgrid in the same creative club.

The first thing that’ll hit you is the sheer variety of stuff you can find here. And it’s not a toss-up between quantity and quality – Motion Array brings both to the party. You’ve got a smorgasbord of content that’s a breeze to search, quick to download, and can sprinkle that magic dust on your projects, turning ’em from okay to awesome in seconds.

This one’s a members-only deal – sign up for a month or a year, and you get a backstage pass to everything on the site. No limits, no extra charges, just pure access. And if you’re feeling cagey, you can bail anytime – your past projects are still in the safe zone. Oh, and Motion Array even throws in a built-in teamwork tool called ‘Review’ to keep things slick when collaborating.

All in all, it’s a one-stop shop, loaded with options and quality galore!

2. Stock Video App: Pixabay

Pixabay is like a treasure chest of stock video clips and footage that the community generously shares. The cool part? All videos are fair game for personal and business use, and you don’t have to toss any shout-outs their way. So, if you spot a video you fancy, just hit the download button, and you’re good to rock it in your projects.

Pixabay’s stock footage is known for its high-octane quality, and you can even pick between HD and 4K versions. While you can snatch videos without an account, you’ll need one if you want to join in on the community shindigs, like giving props to videos and dropping comments.

Pixabay’s a standout spot for free stock videos, where you get the goods with no strings attached.

3. Videvo

Videvo takes the hassle out of hunting for free stock videos. You can cruise through the site by picking from the categories up top or just tossing in some keywords. With around 300,000 pieces of free HD stock footage and motion graphics clips, Videvo’s stockpile is always on the grow. Most videos come with a royalty-free tag, so you’re free to ride with ’em without dishing out any credits. But keep a lookout for videos repping the ‘Videvo Attribution License’ – those ones need a tip of the hat to the artist.

Here’s the cherry on top: Videvo’s got a dedicated team that curates all the content. So, you’re rolling with high-quality, safe-to-use material that’s golden for your projects.

4. Pexels

Pexels is like the neighborhood block party for talented videographers. These folks chip in with free HD stock videos for personal and business use, and they’re pretty cool about not needing any credit love.

For the primo videos, head over to the ‘Trending Videos’ shindig on the homepage. Some of the videos have a bit of a “home movie” vibe, hinting that Pexels isn’t as picky as some other spots when it comes to curation. But hey, with thousands of videos just a click away, it’s still a rad spot for snagging free stock videos to spice up your content.

5. Stock Video App: Videezy

Videezy packs a boatload of videos, with HD and 4K options to boot. Finding what you need is a walk in the park – use the keyword search on the homepage or the handy filters on the video results page.

Videezy dishes out free stock videos for personal and business use, but there’s one small catch – you gotta show some love with attribution. But if you wanna go all-in, they’ve got a Pro pass that gets you access to the ‘Pro’ videos, no attribution needed. These Pro videos are up for grabs with credits, and the more credits you snag, the sweeter the deal. Plus, they even drop a Videezy Pro License, giving you a green light for commercial use without the attribution nag.

6. Vidsplay

Vidsplay might not win any beauty contests among these stock video apps, but it’s got some tricks up its sleeve in the world of stock footage. All the videos here are freebies, but you gotta throw some love to Vidsplay in the form of proper credit.

Sure, the video selection might not be as stacked as some other joints, but in a crowded field like this, it’s worth peeking down every alley. You can hunt for videos by clicking on a category or throwing in some keywords. Downloads are quick, and the video info is no-frills, just the basics like duration, resolution, format, and frame rate.

As a sweetener, Vidsplay even tosses in a 30-day pass to Adobe Stock. It’s like a bonus round of premium stock assets for the taking.


In the wild world of video content, having a stash of top-notch stock videos is the name of the game. Whether you’re a big-shot filmmaker, a creative content slinger, or just someone looking to jazz up their visuals, the stock video app we’ve scoped out in this article have got you covered. Motion Array’s a powerhouse with a treasure trove of content, Pixabay’s your no-strings-attached hookup, Videvo’s all about that curated quality, Pexels is the friendly community hangout, Videezy’s got the Pro moves, and Vidsplay’s your hidden gem.



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