Shopify Video App Best to Create Marketing Videos


Shopify Video App – Shopify video app best. When it comes to online stores, we totally get that appearance is super important, buddy! Now, one cool way to make our online stores even cooler is by adding videos, my friends. Videos can make the online shopping experience more fun, keeping customers hanging around our online stores for longer. And the coolest part? Shopify has some really cool tools to help us create videos that make our online stores look even cooler. So, in this article, we’re gonna introduce you to some of the Shopify Video Apps that are awesome for making our online stores more exciting.

Best Shopify Video App Best to Create Marketing Videos

Nobody can resist the charm of videos, bro. From background videos to interactive product videos, Shopify Video Apps have all sorts of tools to help us create a unique and exciting shopping experience for our customers. If you want to make your online store more fun, let’s get to know these Shopify Video Apps that will make us go wild!

1. Video Background: by Code Black Belt

One way to captivate visitors to our online store is by using cool background videos. With the Shopify Video App from Code Black Belt, we can easily add background videos to our website. We can choose which part of our website we want the video to cover, and then we can adjust the size, sound, and other cool stuff. What’s even cooler is that this app offers a free trial for 30 days, it’s easy to install, and we can customize it as much as we want.

2. Smartzer: Shoppable Video and Livestream

Smartzer has an app that can help brands create interactive and shoppable content. We can create videos that can be accessed anytime, where we can add product links to the video player and add clickable overlays. These awesome videos can be shared on social media and placed on our e-commerce pages to increase engagement, clicks, and conversions. Smartzer also gives us the option to create a Shopify livestream, where viewers can buy products directly from the video without leaving it.

3. Easy Video: Product Videos by Nexusmedia

EasyVideo allows us to copy and paste links from YouTube and Vimeo to use in our store’s products. The app helps us embed video codes into product pages and display videos instead of just images. We can customize the videos to match our site’s theme, giving customers a more detailed view of our products and boosting their confidence to shop online.

4. Widgetic: Video Player

Widgetic gives us the chance to create videos on Shopify to showcase our product features. The app allows us to add all our social media video content into a single player and customize them to match our store’s style. We can also apply this app to our product descriptions, play content from our social media channels, testimonials, and more. This way, our customers stay informed with our video updates.

5. Product Videos: Omega

Omega’s software allows us to add YouTube and Vimeo videos to product descriptions. We can add multiple videos without limitations. The tool lets users view a video in a Lightbox Popup and we can choose to display a single video or a gallery of videos. Just copy and paste the video URL into the app and we can edit the layouts.

6. Shopideo: Product video by Menelabs

Shopideo also helps brands add YouTube or Vimeo videos to product pages and can even create video thumbnails. An intelligent search engine allows users to browse product-related videos to find their perfect content. The app doesn’t slow down the speed of our product pages when browsing, creating a better shopping experience.

7. Promo Videos helps Shopify brands grab their audience’s attention and boost their business. The app automatically creates videos for our store, products, brand awareness, social channels, and more from existing content. Just upload our desired videos and let the app do the rest.

8. Live Stream Shopping: by

Live Stream Shopping helps brands speed up purchase decisions by combining real-time product experience with instant chat room communication. Shopify livestream apps allow brands to engage with buyers in real-time. Like Smartzer’s app, users can host live shopping experiences to promote products and sell instantly. Videos can be repurposed as on-demand content after the stream has ended.

9. Vimotia: Shoppable Videos

Vimotia helps brands create TikTok-style shoppable content on their e-commerce stores to boost sales. The swipe feature turns ordinary videos into refreshing shoppable videos. Content is monetized by featuring an ‘Add to Cart’ button so that viewers can purchase with one click. Shoppable videos shorten the path to purchase, encouraging impulse buying.

10. Tolstoy Interactive Video

Download Tolstoy to create personalized product recommendations, quizzes, FAQs, and interactive video chats on our e-commerce site. The app helps brands create shoppable videos, interactive experiences, and quizzes to promote their brand and sell products. The app helps users welcome visitors to their site with a personal touch, create interactive FAQs, automatically answer popular support questions to reduce ticket volume, and explain complex products in a way that’s engaging.


With a variety of cool tools from Shopify Video Apps that we’ve mentioned above, we can make our online stores look cooler, more interactive, and more exciting for our customers. Try one or several of these tools according to our needs, and see how videos can change the way we do business online. With videos, we can attract more customers, increase conversions, and achieve greater success in the world of e-commerce. So, don’t hesitate to have a blast with Shopify Video Apps!



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