Reddit App Not Playing Videos: Solutions


Reddit app not playing videos – Reddit app not playing videos, these are some solutions. Reddit, the platform famous for its diverse and engaging content, has become a must-have for many of us in the online world. You know what’s lit about Reddit? It’s the sick videos and hilarious GIFs shared by fellow Redditors. But, you feel me, it’s like a total buzzkill when your Reddit app starts acting all wack, refusing to play videos or load GIFs properly. That mess can happen for all sorts of reasons, from app cache drama to permission issues, and even problems with your network.

In this article, we’re about to dive deep into these Reddit app problems and serve up a real guide on how to fix ’em. We got some cool solutions in the mix, like wiping out that app cache, flipping permission switches, messing with DNS settings, going all-in with a VPN, and giving that autoplay feature a chill pill. Plus, we’re gonna drop some quick hacks to get your Reddit app back in the game.

How to Fix Reddit App Not Playing Videos: Solutions

Reddit is like this lit community where people spill their thoughts, stories, and all kinds of multimedia madness. But the real rockstars here are the videos and GIFs – they’re what make Reddit lit AF. But, sometimes, tech glitches can crash the party. If you’re stuck with a lame Reddit app that won’t load videos, don’t trip – we’ve got the playbook to help you bounce back.

Solving Reddit App Video Playback Issues

1. Reddit Not Playing Videos: Clear the Reddit App’s Cache

Alright, here’s the deal. Apps like the Reddit mobile app can be a handful, especially on older devices. Sometimes, the old hardware just can’t hang, and you end up staring at that loading spinner forever. But here’s a dope trick – clear out that app’s cache, and things might start moving smooth again. Check this out:

  1. Hit up “Apps” in your phone settings.
  2. Find “Application Manager” in there and give it a tap.
  3. Now, hunt down the Reddit app, swipe it down, and you’ll spot that “Clear Cache” button. Tap that, and boom – you just made room for faster action.

2. Adjust Reddit Permissions

When your Reddit app starts acting shady, it could be all about those permissions. You gotta give Reddit the green light to do its thing. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Slide into “Settings,” then cruise over to “Advanced Settings,” “Security & Privacy,” and “Permissions” > “Apps.”
  2. Find that Reddit app and make sure it’s got permission to read and write to external storage under “Security and Privacy.”
  3. Now, head back to the app and try loading videos, GIFs, and posts again – they should be good to go now.

3. Change DNS Settings

Slow network? Yeah, it happens. And when your network is moving like molasses, Reddit videos, GIFs, and other cool stuff can take forever to load. Some savvy folks fixed this by changing up their DNS settings. Here’s how you can do it on an Android device:

  1. Hit up “Settings,” then slide over to “WiFi.”
  2. Grab that WiFi network of yours, long-press it, and tap “Modify Network.”
  3. Click “Show advanced options,” then find “IP Settings.” It’s probably set to “DHCP” by default. Tap it and switch to “Static.”
  4. Now, scroll down to “DNS settings” and pop in one of these DNS addresses: Google DNS (;, Cloudflare DNS (, or OpenDNS (,
  5. Save your changes and fire up that Reddit app – your videos should load way quicker now.

4. Reddit Not Playing Videos: Use a VPN

If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is throwing shade and blocking stuff Reddit needs, it’s time to drop some VPN wisdom. But before you go full VPN, check your router’s DNS settings like we did earlier. If that’s not the issue, snag a VPN app. There are some rad ones out there like Nord, ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN, DroidVPN, Betternet VPN, ThunderVPN, TurboVPN, and Hola VPN. Flip that VPN switch on, connect to a server in another country, and give Reddit another shot.

5. Turn Off Autoplay in the Reddit App

Autoplay is cool, but it can hog your bandwidth like crazy. All those videos playing automatically? Yeah, they can slow things way down. Good news is, you can flip the switch:

  1. Pop open that Reddit app and tap the Profile Icon up top on the left.
  2. Find “Autoplay” in the Settings Menu.
  3. From the dropdown menu, choose “Never.” Now, reopen the app and test those video waters.

Quick Tips

We’re not done yet. Along with our solutions, we’ve got some quick hacks to keep things running smooth:

  • If the Reddit app is acting up, slam it shut in your app manager and give your phone a fresh start.
  • Get wild and tap the screen like a maniac to refresh – sometimes, it takes a few tries.
  • Take down those personalized ads in the app settings.
  • Make sure your app is on fleek with the latest updates. Update it or toss it out and reinstall it from your app store.
  • If videos are still MIA, log in through the Chrome app or Safari to check out videos, GIFs, and comments on Reddit.
  • If all else fails, bail out of your current Reddit account and jump into a different one.
  • Shut down any other apps that are lurking in the background while you’re on Reddit.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, scope out some alternative Reddit apps like Apollo and Narwhal.
  • And as a last resort, wipe the slate clean and reinstall the Reddit app.


The Reddit app is your golden ticket to a world of awesome content. Don’t let video problems hold you back. With our top-shelf solutions and quick hacks, you’ve got the gear to troubleshoot and fix any problems that come your way. Whether you’re clearing that cache, tuning up permissions, messing with DNS, going full VPN, or telling autoplay to chill, there’s always a way to get your Reddit app back in the groove. So, kick those tech bugs to the curb and get back to soaking up Reddit’s endless entertainment on your mobile device.



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