Product Video App to Increase Our Sales


product video app – Product video app to increase our sales, we will explain this concisely and clearly in this article. In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, the ability to showcase your products effectively can make all the difference in attracting and retaining customers. One powerful tool at your disposal is the use of product videos. These videos provide a dynamic and engaging way to present your merchandise to potential buyers.

The Best Product Video App to Increase Our Sales

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best product video apps available for your Shopify store. Whether you want to add background videos, create captivating product introductions, or harness the power of YouTube content, there’s an app for you.

1. Video Background – Video Suite by Code Black Belt

Highlight Features:

  • Decorate your website with a handpicked background video.
  • Effortlessly prepare and install videos in just one minute.
  • Allow any video from YouTube or your selected list.
  • Fully customizable background videos.

Price: $6.99/month with a 7-day free trial. Rating: 4.7/5

Imagine transforming your website’s backdrop from mundane to mesmerizing. With Video Background • Video Suite by Code Black Belt, you can effortlessly incorporate captivating background videos into your site. The installation process is a breeze, taking just a single click. Customize your video’s size, audio, and placement to create a unique user experience.

2. Product Video App: EasyVideo ‑ Product Videos by Nexusmedia

Highlight Features:

  • Enhance your store’s user interface with product videos.
  • Easily integrate videos to illustrate your products.
  • Simple video setup without the need for coding.
  • Works seamlessly with most themes.

Price: $5/month with a 7-day free trial. Rating: 4.9/5

Product video app. If you’re seeking a hassle-free way to add product videos to your store, EasyVideo by Nexusmedia is the solution. Simply install the app and paste YouTube or Vimeo video links for any item in your inventory. This user-friendly tool ensures that your products shine with engaging video content.

3. Yottie ‑ YouTube Video App by Elfsight

Highlight Features:

  • Increase product knowledge for customers.
  • Attract subscribers to your YouTube channel.
  • Feature any YouTube content in a group.
  • Control the design of your layout.

Price: $6.99/month with a 7-day free trial. Rating: 5.0/5

Yottie ‑ YouTube Video App by Elfsight empowers your store with the allure of YouTube content. Display product-related videos directly on your website and encourage visitors to become subscribers. The app offers full control over design, enhancing your website’s unique identity.

4. Widgetic (Video Player) by Widgetic

Highlight Features:

  • Use video presentations to showcase products.
  • Keep customers informed with video updates.
  • Support for fullscreen playback and playlists.
  • Play files from various sources.

Price: Starts from $0/month. Rating: 4.6/5

Widgetic (Video Player) by Widgetic lets you employ video presentations to highlight your products’ features. This versatile app supports multiple video sources and provides a seamless way to keep your customers engaged with informative videos.

5. Video Ads Builder by TopVid

Highlight Features:

  • Create your own captivating product videos.
  • Share videos on social networks and use them as ads.
  • Showcase various content in a short time.
  • User-friendly video builder.

Price: Starts from $0/month. Rating: 3.8/5

Video Ads Builder by TopVid empowers you to craft unique product videos that captivate your audience. Share these videos on social networks or use them as attention-grabbing advertisements. The user-friendly interface ensures that anyone can create compelling videos.

6. Product Video App: Factory by Small Victories

Highlight Features:

  • Present products attractively.
  • Automatically update content based on inventory changes.
  • Add content to YouTube or Facebook effortlessly.
  • Choose video details for automatic video creation.

Price: Starts from $0/month. Rating: 3.9/5

Product video app. Factory by Small Victories streamlines the process of presenting your products in an engaging manner. The app can automatically update content based on inventory changes, saving you time and effort in managing your store’s content.

7. Vizard ‑Instant Video Ad Maker by Vizard Studio

Highlight Features:

  • Create video ads effortlessly.
  • Easily share videos on social networks.
  • Use unique video templates to showcase products.
  • Test videos for optimal performance.

Price: Starts from $0/month. Rating: 5.0/5

Vizard ‑Instant Video Ad Maker by Vizard Studio simplifies the video creation process, allowing you to effortlessly create captivating video ads. The app offers a range of templates and ensures your videos perform optimally on various platforms.

8. Product Video App: Product Videos by Omega

Highlight Features:

  • Easily add YouTube/Vimeo videos to product descriptions.
  • No limits on the number of videos per product.
  • View videos in Lightbox Popup.
  • Choose from 7 different layouts.

Price: $4.99/month with a 14-day free trial. Rating: 4.7/5

Product Videos by Omega is perfect for those who want to enhance their product descriptions with videos. Add as many videos as you like to a single product and choose from various layouts to optimize the viewing experience.

9. Video Slider + Carousel by

Highlight Features:

  • Provide information and promote products using video slides.
  • Fully customize your video slider.
  • Use customized buttons and descriptions to direct customers.
  • Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos across your store.

Price: Free. Rating: 3.2/5

Product video app. Video Slider + Carousel by enables you to create informative video slides for your store. Customize the slider to match your brand’s aesthetics and engage customers with captivating video content.

10. Shopideo

Highlight Features:

  • Easily add YouTube videos to product pages.
  • Smart search engine for finding product-related videos.
  • Auto-removal of videos with broken links.
  • No impact on page speed.

Price: $5/month with a 7-day free trial. Rating: 5.0/5

Shopideo ‑ Product Video by Menelabs streamlines the process of adding YouTube videos to your product pages. The app offers intelligent search capabilities and ensures that broken links are promptly removed, providing a seamless shopping experience.


Product video app. In the competitive world of online retail, the power of product videos cannot be overstated. These Shopify product video apps offer diverse options for integrating video content into your store, whether you want to add background videos, create engaging product introductions, or leverage YouTube content. Choose the app that best suits your needs, and start enhancing your store’s visual appeal and user engagement today. With the right video content, you can drive conversions, boost sales, and leave a lasting impression on your customers.



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