Prime Video App Not Working Apple TV (How To Fix)


Prime video app not working Apple TV – Prime video app not working Apple TV, follow the guide below to fix. Yo, in this digital era, streaming vids are like a big part of our daily entertainment, right? Amazon Prime Video is that go-to spot for dope content, from flicks to TV shows. But, you know, sometimes us Apple TV peeps, we hit those annoying tech hiccups when we’re trying to vibe with the Amazon Prime Video app. So, let’s dive in, figure out why Amazon Prime Video ain’t playing nice with your Apple TV, and drop some hip solutions to get it back on track.

Prime Video App Not Working Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video is where it’s at, offering a treasure chest of captivating content. For all you Apple TV users who’ve jumped on the Amazon Prime bandwagon, it’s all about diving headfirst into those goodies, right? But you know what’s a real bummer? Dealing with those pesky tech glitches that turn your Amazon Prime Video app into a total dud on your device. The good news is, most of these problems have some pretty straightforward fixes.

Why Amazon Prime Video App not Working Apple TV?

So, here’s the deal, there are a bunch of reasons why Amazon Prime Video might be acting all funky on your Apple TV. Here are some common issues and what you can do about ’em:

1. Update the Amazon Prime Video App

First things first, make sure you’ve got the latest version of the Amazon Prime Video app on your Apple TV. Hit up the App Store on your Apple TV, check for updates, and if there’s one, just hit that install button, and give it another shot.

2. Check Your Wi-Fi, Fam

Your internet game needs to be strong, no doubt. So, maybe try rebooting your modem/router, Apple TV, and any other tech gear if needed. Also, peep if other streaming apps and devices in your spot are having network meltdowns.

3. Double-Check Your Amazon Prime Account

Make sure you’re logged into the right Amazon Prime account on your Apple TV. It’s like your secret handshake to access all the cool stuff. Double-check your username and password, and maybe even try logging out and back in.

4. Clean Up That App Cache

Sometimes, cleaning out the app’s cache on your Apple TV can work wonders. Head into your Apple TV’s Settings app, find Apps, then select Amazon Prime Video and hit Clear Cache. Then, fire up the app again and see if it behaves.

5. Apple TV Software Update

Make sure your Apple TV is rocking the latest software update. Go to Settings > System > Software Updates on your Apple TV and see if there are any updates available. If there are any, go ahead and update, then take Amazon Prime Video for another spin.

Now, let’s chat about when your video playback is throwing a fit. Common issues include:

  • Videos refusing to play.
  • Videos freezing or lagging.
  • The screen just giving you the cold shoulder.

Sometimes, you might spot that pesky spinning circle icon, which basically yells “connection issues.” And there’s that one error message that loves to pop up, saying, “Something went wrong. Please try again later. For more help, go to”

How to Get Amazon Prime Back in Action on Your Apple TV?

Follow this guide below to tackle the issue:

1. Give Your Apple TV a Reboot

Sometimes, all your Apple TV needs is a good ol’ reboot. Go to “Settings,” hit up “System,” and then choose “Restart.” Or, you can go all out and unplug your Apple TV, wait for a sec, and then plug it back in.

1. Update Your Apple TV Software

Keep your Apple TV software game strong. Check for updates by going to “Settings,” then “System,” and “Software Updates.” If there’s an update, just follow the on-screen vibes to install it.

2. Internet Connection Check

Make sure your Apple TV is hooked up to the internet and that your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection is holding up its end of the bargain. Test it out by opening other streaming apps or websites on your Apple TV.

4. Update the Amazon Prime Video App

See if there’s a fresh update for the Amazon Prime Video app on your Apple TV. Head to the App Store on your Apple TV, go to “Purchased,” and locate the Amazon Prime Video app. If there’s an update, get it installed.

5. Give the Amazon Prime Video App a Reset

If logging out and back in didn’t do the trick, try resetting the Amazon Prime Video app. Go to “Settings” on your Apple TV, find “Apps,” and choose “Amazon Prime Video.” Then, hit “Delete,” confirm it, and reinstall the app from the App Store. Log back in, and you’re golden.

Now, if you’re still hearing that “Something went wrong” message playing in your ears, follow these moves on your Apple TV:

  1. Open the “Settings” menu.
  2. Go to Video and Audio settings.
  3. Select the Format option.
  4. Set “Format” to “4K SDR.”
  5. Give your Apple TV a restart.
  6. Run the test one more time.


Dealing with Amazon Prime Video acting up on your Apple TV can be a bit of a downer, but with these steps, you’ve got a solid shot at fixing the glitch. Always make sure you’re rocking the latest app and software versions and that your internet connection is smoother than a groove. With the right troubleshooting, you’ll be back to enjoying all that cool content Amazon Prime Video has to offer on your Apple TV. Peace out, and happy streaming!



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