Jailatm Video Visitation App Best and How to Use


jailatm video visitation app

Networkingaudiovideo.com – Jailatm video visitation app and how to use. Staying connected with someone doing time can be a real head-scratcher, not just for the inmate but also for their homies and fam. But yo, we’re livin’ in a world of tech wonders, and guess what? We got the answer – it’s called JailATM. JailATM knows the struggle and hooks us up with a slick communication system to keep the bond alive, even when they’re locked down. One of their killer features is video chats, and in this piece, we’re gonna break down the deal with the JailATM Video Chats App and how to rock it.

Best Jailatm Video Visitation App and How to Use

So, you’re probably wonderin’, “Does JailATM have a dope app for video chats that you can just grab?” Well, here’s the lowdown – they don’t! Nope, there ain’t no fancy-schmancy JailATM video chats app for your mobile or PC. But hold up, don’t lose your cool just yet. You can still get your video chat on through the JailATM website.

Check If Your Gear’s Up to Snuff

Before you can dive into those virtual face-to-face hangouts, you gotta make sure your gear is up for the task. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A device that can record videos.
  2. Chrome Browser version 57 or higher.
  3. Android OS version 5.01 or higher.
  4. Apple iOS version 12.1.0 or higher.

Now, here’s the deal – older Android versions might still do the trick, but they’re not getting the VIP treatment. And if you’re rollin’ with an ancient iOS version, you’re outta luck. So, meet these requirements, and you’ll be good to go for some JailATM video chats action.

Prep Before the Video Chat Sesh

Before you jump into your first video chat sesh or if you run into any bumps on the road, there are a few must-do’s:

  1. If you’re on Windows, Chrome is your homie. iOS peeps, stick with Safari.
  2. Make sure your camera and mic are in top-notch shape. Give ’em a test run before your video chat.
  3. Here’s the scoop – you might have to give permissions for your camera and mic to make the video chat magic happen. So, if your device asks for it, don’t be shy – hit that “Allow” button or tweak your browser and Flash settings.

Here’s how to run a video test

  1. Go to jailATM sites
  2. After you log in to your account, hit up ‘My Account.’
  3. Click on ‘Calling.’
  4. Next up, tap on ‘Video Test.’
  5. Follow the on-screen deets to make sure everything’s all good.

If your gear doesn’t pass the video test, you might be dealing with some tech hiccups that need sorting.

What to Do If You’re Dealing with Volume Issues

If you’re scratching your head over volume problems during your video chat, it’s time to ditch the mic and speakers setup and go for a headset with a built-in mic. Trust us, using a mic with speakers can stir up feedback that’ll mess up your audio. Here’s the deal on fixing audio issues:

For audio issues

  1. Make sure your audio cables are plugged in and not acting funky.
  2. Crank up that volume mixer.
  3. Check if your external speakers are on and turned up.
  4. Make sure your default audio device is set to the right speakers.
  5. Test your audio with another media system, like Windows Media Player.

And for mic issues

  1. Ensure your mic cables are connected and in good shape.
  2. Check if your default mic is set to the one you’re actually using.
  3. Make sure your mic is plugged into the right input on your PC.
  4. Test your mic using any playback software, like the Sound Menu in Windows.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to tackle volume and mic problems like a champ during your video chat.


1. Rock That Connection:

Make sure you’re on a solid internet connection, homie. A laggy connection can mess up your video chat groove.

2. Device Hygiene

Keep your device clean and clear, especially the camera and microphone. Dust and fingerprints can mess with your video and audio quality.

3. Be the Lighting Pro

Find some good lighting, like you’re setting up for a fire Instagram selfie. Bright but not blinding – that’s the sweet spot.

4. Dress to Impress

Dress like you’re going out for a coffee date. Looking fresh on camera can boost your confidence and make the conversation more enjoyable.

5. Set the Mood

Find a quiet and comfy spot for your video chat. You don’t want interruptions or distractions messing up your flow.


Keeping the connection alive with your locked-up loved ones is a big deal. JailATM steps up to the plate with its video chat service, letting you kick it with inmates virtually. While there ain’t no dedicated JailATM video chats app, you can still get in on the action through a PC or mobile device that meets the requirements we laid down. With the right prep and troubleshooting for any issues that might pop up during your video chats, you can keep the bond tight with the people who matter most, even when they’re doing time. Don’t let bars keep you from your loved ones – use JailATM to stay connected.



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