How to Edit Videos on Windows Using These Best App


how to edit videos on windows – How to edit videos on windows. In this uber-digital era where visuals rule the roost, knowing how to edit videos is like having some seriously lit superpowers. Whether you’re a content creator, a video whiz, or a graphic guru, video editing apps are your ace in the hole. And guess what? We’ve got some dope ways for you to dive into video editing on your Windows laptop. So, buckle up and let’s kick-start this groovy video-editing party!

How to Edit Videos on Windows Easily

Yo, all you content creators, editors, and graphic gurus out there, listen up! Having the skill to edit videos is like having a secret weapon in your creative toolkit. Windows, one of the hippest operating systems in the digital realm, offers a bunch of rad ways for you to edit videos with swag. In this article, we’re gonna spill the tea on some different ways to edit videos on your Windows laptop. No need to drop major cash on fancy apps; you can whip up high-quality videos and chase your digital content dreams.

1. Using Windows Movie Maker

One of the easiest ways to kickstart your video editing journey on a Windows laptop is by using Windows Movie Maker, which comes pre-installed on Windows 10. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Fire up your laptop and hit that “Start” button.
  • Search for the “Photos” app and open it.
  • Choose “Video Editor” from the menu.
  • Click “New Video Project” and give your project a lit name.
  • Add your video by clicking “Add.”
  • Select the added video and hit “New Video Project” again.
  • Now, you can start editing your video to match your vibes.
  • Once you’ve finished editing, hit “Finish Video.”
  • Set the output file size, like 1080p, 720p, or 540p.
  • Choose your storage spot and click “Export.”

2. Using the VSDC Free Video Editor App

The VSDC Free Video Editor app is a solid choice if you want to edit videos without any watermarks. This app comes packed with a bunch of features and effects that are super handy, making it perfect for newbies aiming for professional-level editing.

3. Using Adobe Premiere App

Adobe Premiere is a heavyweight in the video editing world. Besides offering a comprehensive set of features, the editing results from Adobe Premiere are top-notch. You can dive into a plethora of cool tools and features without any annoying watermarks.

4. Using the AVS Video Editor App

For those seeking a user-friendly video editing app, AVS Video Editor is the way to go. It’s not only easy to use but also free. Even though it’s free, AVS Video Editor boasts comprehensive features and small video file sizes, making it a breeze for newbies.

5. Using the Openshot App

Openshot is perfect for video editing beginners. It’s user-friendly and doesn’t take up much storage space. You can enjoy various exciting features like transition effects, animations, text overlays, and more. Openshot makes video editing quick and high-quality.

6. Using the Cyberlink Power Director App

Cyberlink Power Director offers a complete feature set for video editing. You’ll only need about 2GB of storage space to use this app. The editing results are professional-looking, and the numerous tools and features enhance your editing experience.

7. Using the Avidemux App

Avidemux is a user-friendly video editing app that produces satisfying video edits. It also supports various video formats like DVD, ASF, MP4, AVI, and more.

8. Using the Lightworks App

Lightworks is an excellent choice for beginners in video editing. It’s easy to learn, produces professional-level edits, and doesn’t require much storage space.

9. Using the Final Cut Pro App

Final Cut Pro is perfect for editing short videos. With various usable tools, you can easily save edited files without worrying about storage.

10. Using the HitFilm Express App

HitFilm Express is your ultimate ticket to seamlessly blending various video clips into a masterpiece. Oh, and hold onto your hats because you can crank up that image quality all the way to Full HD (FHD), guaranteeing your end product is as sharp as a razor. And the best part? This app is like a friendly mentor for beginners, so you can dive in without breaking a sweat.

11. Using the HitPaw App

HitPaw is like the holy grail of video editing apps, dishing out top-tier editing results that’ll make your jaw drop. And here’s the cherry on top – they’ve got a free version that makes editing feel like a breeze. For all you content creators out there, you know that top-notch editing is basically your secret sauce, am I right?


With a variety of video editing apps available for Windows, you’ve got all the tools you need to create impressive videos. No need to stress about the hefty price tags or advanced technical skills. Try out some of these apps, find the one that vibes with you the most, and embark on your journey as a creative and talented video editor. Happy editing!



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