How to Edit videos on iPad Easily for Free


How to edit videos on iPad – How to edit videos on iPad easily for free. In a world where smartphones and tablets are our best buddies, video editing is the name of the game. Your trusty iPad, with all its swagger, is the ultimate tool for slicing and dicing videos on the fly. Whether you’re looking to trim the fat from your footage, tinker with colors, slap on some filters, or even spin and flip your visuals, the Photos app on your iPad is packing some serious editing heat.

How to Edit Videos on iPad

In this epic article, we’ll guide you on how to pimp your videos on your iPad like a pro.

Edit Videos on iPad with Photos App

You can see the guides below:

I. Getting in the Groove

The Photos app is where all your memories go for a chill hangout, including your video clips. To get started on your journey to video editing stardom, follow these groovy steps:

1. Pop open the Photos app on your iPad – it’s your main HQ.

2. Find the video you’re itching to get creative with. If you’re lost in a maze of pictures, hit up “Albums,” and then tap “Videos” to see only your video squad.

3. Once you’ve spotted your target, tap the “Edit” icon, chillin’ in the top-right corner. This is where the magic starts, my friend.

II. Slice and Dice Your Video

First off, let’s talk about chopping up your video like a pro chef. We’re talking slicing and dicing the start and end to make it just right. Here’s how to flex those editing muscles:

4. In the editing dojo, there’s a slider at the bottom. Slide the left arrow to cut the start and the right arrow to snip the end.

5. Unfortunately, you can’t split your clip down the middle, but this trimming gig is perfect for quick fixes.

III. Swag Your Video with Color Vibes

For those who want to get deep into the art of video, the Photos app comes packing tools to tweak the color game, brightness, and saturation. Here’s the lowdown:

6. Tap the icon that looks like a volume wheel. Here, you can choose your weapon for adjusting visuals.

7. Swipe through the vibe options beneath the video clip, pick your poison, and use the slider at the bottom (or on the side, if you’re rocking an iPad) to customize to your heart’s content. The results show up immediately in the video preview.

IV. Add Some Filter Flair

If you’re all about the aesthetics, the Photos app’s got your back with some sweet filters to sprinkle on your video. Time to level up your game:

8. Hit up the icon with three circles grooving together. It’s filter time.

9. Each filter brings its own slider, so you can control the intensity of the flavor. These filters might not create a revolution, but they’re just what the doc ordered for subtle upgrades.

V. Get Crazy with Rotations and Crops

Sometimes, your video’s stuck in the wrong lane, or you need to crop it like a true artist. The Photos app’s got your back:

10. Tap the icon with the square frame. This is where you rotate, crop, or skew your video. Fix those orientation mistakes like a champ.

11. This menu serves up different tools for spinning and chopping. Make your video groove to your tune.

VI. Save Your Masterpiece

When you’ve painted your video canvas just the way you want it, it’s time to save that work of art:

12. Tap “Done” in the bottom-right corner.

13. You’ve got choices – either overwrite the original video or save your polished version as a fresh clip. The power is in your hands.

Quick tip: If you go all-in and overwrite the original video but have a change of heart, don’t fret. Just revisit the edit, and tap “Revert” in the bottom-right corner (or top-right if you’re iPad-tastic) to bring back the OG video.

Video Wizardry with iMovie

For those who crave more editing power, iMovie is your holy grail. It’s your ticket to the big leagues, offering an array of features that go beyond the Photos app:

With iMovie, you can:

  • Assemble an epic mixtape of videos and photos for the ultimate blockbuster.
  • Choose from a swag bag of transitions like dissolves, slides, and wipes to add some finesse to your clips.
  • Pump up the volume with music and voice recordings to give your video that Hollywood touch.

While it might not be the heavyweight champ of video editing, iMovie is your ace in the hole for crafting slick movies right from your iPhone or iPad.


Editing videos on your iPad is a breeze, thanks to the Photos app’s killer tools. Whether you’re slicing and dicing, fine-tuning colors, rocking filters, or getting wild with rotations and crops, your iPad is your ultimate wingman. And for the rebels with a cause, iMovie’s got the keys to the kingdom. So, grab your iPad, unleash your inner video maestro, and let your editing adventure roll! Your iPad isn’t just a video spectator; it’s a platform for creating movie magic.



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