How to Edit Videos on iMovie iPhone


How to edit videos on imovie – How to edit videos on imovie iPhone in 2023. In today’s fast-paced world, sharing life’s crazy moments and epic stories through videos has become the go-to mode of expression. Whether you’re capturing your latest escapade, whipping up a short film, or just recording your everyday grind, video editing apps are your secret sauce for turning rough footage into slick content. And guess what? iMovie is where the magic happens. It’s a breeze to use on your iPhone, making video editing a cakewalk for anyone.

How to Edit Videos on iMovie iPhone

In this guide, we’re spilling the beans on how to jazz up your videos in iMovie with a laid-back, hip approach.

Kicking Off with iMovie on Your iPhone

Before we dive deep into the art of video editing, you gotta know how to fire up a fresh project in iMovie. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Crack Open the iMovie App: First things first, locate that snazzy iMovie app on your iPhone’s main screen. If you ain’t got it yet, just hit up the App Store to snag it.
  2. Hit the Plus Icon: Once you’re inside the app, tap that plus icon (+) to launch a new project.
  3. Select “Movie”: In the project creation menu, go ahead and choose “Movie” as your project type.
  4. Choose Your Media: Now, you can cherry-pick the media you want to roll with in your video. This could be stuff from your camera roll or goodies you’ve cooked up with your iPhone’s camera. Scroll through your media stash and handpick your faves.
  5. Slap “Create Movie”: With your media in the bag, tap “Create Movie” to kickstart your project. Boom! You’re now on the iMovie editing turf!

Pro-tip: To make sure your video clips are a snug fit for your project, give ’em a whirl in full-screen mode. Just tap and hold a pic or video clip to give it a spin before you add it to your masterpiece.

What’s more, iMovie lets you start your video journey with pre-designed templates called “Trailers.” Each theme adds a distinct flavor to your video, and the fun part is you can throw in your own pics, videos, and tunes. The theme lineup includes goodies like Adrenaline, Bollywood, Romance, and a whole lot more. Best part? You can spice up these templates even further.

How to edit videos on imovie: Editing Videos Like a Pro on Your iPhone

Once you’re in the trenches of your project’s timeline, it’s time to let those creative juices flow. iMovie on iPhone is your playground with a bunch of video-editing tricks up its sleeve. Check out these must-know features:

1. Add Some Spoken Word Magic

If you’re all about narrating your story, here’s the lowdown:

  • Tap the plus icon on the left side.
  • Pick the “Voice-Over” option.
  • Hit “Record” and let your voice work its charm.
  • When you’re done, hit “Stop.”
  • You can play it back, cancel, or even redo your voice-over.
  • And for that final touch, you can fine-tune the volume, speed, and duration of your voice-over by giving the purple recording layer below your clip a tap.

2. Theme It Up

Give your video a swanky theme to make it pop. Whether you’re vibing with Modern, Bright, Playful, Neon, or something else, it’s all at your fingertips. You can also spice up your video with theme-specific soundtrack or eye-catching transition effects. Oh, and the best part? You can cut, split, or nix ’em as you please.

3. Trim and Slim Clips

To tighten up your clips, just tap ’em one by one. You’ll spot a zesty yellow highlight. Grab those edges and pull ’em in to shorten or stretch the clip. You can even reshuffle your clips by tapping, holding, and sliding ’em to your ideal spot.

4. Apply Some Filter Flare

Want your video to have that extra oomph? Slap on some filters. Head over to Project Settings, and there’s a bunch of video filters to spice up your masterpiece. The catch is, it’s a one-size-fits-all deal. But, hey, for individual clips:

  • Pick your clip of choice.
  • Swipe on over to the filter icon at the bottom.
  • Choose your filter.
  • And a quick tap outside those options seals the deal.

5. Slow Down, Speed Up

Want to mess with time? It’s your call!

  • Select the clip you want to tweak.
  • Hit the clock icon.
  • Slide your finger along the speed handle.
  • Tap anywhere else on your screen to lock it in.

6. Split It

Divide and conquer by splitting your clips into sleek segments for that fine-tuned edit.

  • Plant the playhead right where you want the split.
  • Tap that clip.
  • Bring out the scissors icon.
  • Go on, tap “Split.”

7. Add a Dash of Text

Words add that extra flavor to your videos. iMovie serves up a feast of font styles for you. It’s as easy as placing the playhead where you want to add your text, tapping the clip, and choosing your font style, alignment, and other text pizzazz.

8. Get That Sound Groove

Videos are all about the visuals, but audio is what kicks it up a notch. iMovie lets you pick from three audio categories – Soundtracks, My Music (your own audio files), and Sound Effects. Just tap the plus icon on the left side of your timeline and hit “Audio.”

9. Transition Swag

Elevate your video with snazzy scene transitions. iMovie on iPhone might not have the biggest bag of tricks, but you’ve got theme, dissolve, slide, wipe, and fade transitions in your arsenal. Smack that transition icon between your clips in the timeline to work that magic.

How to edit videos on imovie: Exporting Your Vids

With your video all jazzed up and ready to rock, it’s time to share it with the world. To export your creation, hit “Done” in the top left corner of your timeline. You can then give your project a slick title, do more edits if needed, or export it. Bear in mind, once you’ve hit “Done,” you can’t tweak the elements you’ve already brought into your video.

For that snazzy title, tap the default title and make it yours. To get your creation out there, give that share icon at the bottom of your screen a tap. It’s your ticket to exporting your project, saving it in your Photos library, or dropping it straight on various websites or social media platforms.


iMovie is your ticket to making cool videos, and it’s right at your fingertips. It’s got an easy-breezy interface and a bag full of creative tools, making it a cinch to turn your raw footage into captivating stories that tell it your way. So, grab that iPhone, roll with our tips, and let the videographer in you shine. Whether you’re cooking up a cinematic masterpiece or sharing your daily adventures, iMovie on your iPhone is your key to unlocking a world of video creativity.



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