How to Edit a Youtube Video Easily


How to edit a youtube video – How to edit a youtube video easily. Editing a YouTube video is like adding some extra spice to your content. It’s what makes your vids pop and keeps your viewers hooked. Lucky for you, there are some cool tools out there to help you do it. YouTube Studio’s got your back, and there are some nifty apps for Windows and Mac users too. In this article, we’ll break down how to jazz up your YouTube content using YouTube Studio and other rad editing options like Windows 11 Clipchamp App, Windows 10 Photos App, and macOS iMovie.

How to Edit a Youtube Video Easily

Editing videos can sound pretty intimidating, but trust us, it’s not rocket science. YouTube Studio is the boss when it comes to online editing, and there are some neat apps for Windows and Mac users too. Buckle up, because we’re diving into the deets on how to pimp your YouTube videos.

A. YouTube Studio: Online Editing

To kick things off, here’s how you can tweak your YouTube video using YouTube Studio:

1. Upload Your Vids

First things first, you gotta get your video on the platform:

  • Log into your YouTube Channel dashboard.
  • Hit up “Upload Videos” and pick your video file from your computer.
  • You can add a description, set a thumbnail, toss it into a playlist, and choose your audience.

2. Let’s Set the Stage

Once your vid’s up there, you can pimp it out with some cool features:

  • Head over to the Video Elements screen.
  • Throw in some subtitles, end screens, title cards, and make sure you ain’t breaking any copyright rules.
  • Decide if it’s going public or staying private.
  • Click “Save” or “Publish” – your call!

3. Time to Edit

Now, let’s dive into the editing part:

  • Click “Content” on the Dashboard sidebar and pick the video you wanna work on.
  • Hit up the “Editor” option in the Details window.
  • You can trim, cut, blur stuff, and even add some sweet tunes.

Just a heads-up, though – you can’t trim and blur at the same time. It’s one or the other.

4. Trim It Down

If you wanna chop your vid, here’s how:

  • Click “Trim & cut.”
  • Move the left and right borders on the video timeline to pick where it starts and ends.
  • Hit “Preview” to see how it looks, and then “Save” it when you’re happy.

5. Blur the Faces or Objects

To blur out faces or stuff you wanna keep hush-hush:

  • Hit the “Blur” option and choose “Face blur” for auto-face detection or “Custom blur” for some manual action.
  • Set when and where the blur pops up with timestamps.
  • Pick the shape (rectangle or oval) and tracking style.
  • Resize and move the blur to the right spot.
  • Click “Save” to apply the changes.

6. Add Some Jams

Got a killer track to add to your vid? Here’s the deal:

  • Click the “+” next to the music note icon down below.
  • Scroll through the list of non-copyrighted tracks under “free music.”
  • Give it a spin with the “Play” button, and then “Add” it to your video.

7. Save Your Masterpiece

Before you hit the finish line, do a quick check:

  • Play the video to make sure everything’s looking fly.
  • If you’re not vibing with the changes, hit “Discard Changes” or “Revert to Original.”
  • When you’re good to go, hit “Save.”

There you go, folks! Those steps will help you rock the YouTube game with YouTube Studio.

B. Windows 11 Clipchamp App: Easy-Peasy Editing for Windows Lovers

For all you Windows fans, Windows 11 comes equipped with the Clipchamp App, a user-friendly editing tool. Here’s how to work it:

1. Get the Party Started

  • Open up Clipchamp from the Start menu.
  • Log in with your Microsoft or other accounts.
  • Click “Create a new video.”

2. Bring in Your Media

To work on an existing video, check this out:

  • Hit “Import media” and find your video.
  • Drag it onto the timeline and get ready to roll.

3. Size Matters (Aspect Ratio, That Is)

If you wanna change your video’s look, here’s the deal:

  • Click the current aspect ratio under the Export button.
  • Pick the one that tickles your fancy.

4. Get Handy with the Left Toolbar

The left toolbar’s where the magic happens:

  • Trim your video by moving the start and end markers on the timeline.
  • Add some beats, special effects, text, graphics, stock pics, and transitions.
  • Fine-tune your text, add faces, and play with colors on the right toolbar.

5. Time to Show It Off

Once your edits are sizzling:

  • Hit that “Export” button.
  • Pick your video quality (1080p, 720p, or 540p).
  • Save it as an MP4 file.

Now, you can upload your freshly edited masterpiece to YouTube. Easy, right?

C. How to Edit a Youtube Video, Windows 10 Photos App: Classic Editing for Windows Crew

For those of you still repping Windows 10 or even on Windows 11 but feeling nostalgic, the good ol’ Photos app has got your back. Here’s how to do it:

1. Let’s Get This Party Started

  • Open up the Photos app from the Start menu (or Photos Legacy on Windows 11).
  • Hit up the “Video Editor” tab at the top.
  • Click “New video project,” give it a name, and hit “OK.”

2. Drag and Drop

To add your video:

  • Click “Add” and select “From this PC.”
  • Drag your video to the Storyboard.

3. Spice It Up and Trim It Down

You can add title cards and give your video a trim:

  • Click “Add title card” and make it look cool with text and style.
  • Use the “Trim” option to set your start and end points or split your video into clips.

4. Add Text and Some Extra Flare

Want to drop some text, 3D effects, music, or sound effects in there? Here’s the lowdown:

  • Click “Text” to add some words.
  • Hit up “3D Effects” for cool styles, filters, and even 3D pics.

5. Time to Show It Off

When your masterpiece is ready:

  • Click the “Finish video” icon.
  • Choose your video quality (1080p, 720p, or 540p).
  • Hit “Export” to save your video on your computer.

Here’s the bummer – the Photos app doesn’t have a direct YouTube sharing option, so you’ll have to upload it manually from the Channel dashboard.

D. macOS iMovie: Free Editing for the Cool Cats on Macs

For all you Mac lovers, iMovie is your jam. Here’s how to rock it:

1. Drop the Beat on the Timeline

  • Grab iMovie from the App Store and fire it up.
  • Click “Create New” and pick “Movie.”
  • Find your video and hit “Import All” to get it in there.
  • Drag your clip down to the bottom timeline.

2. Make It Your Own

To trim or split your video, do this:

  • Click where you want the magic to happen.
  • Head over to “Modify” and choose “Trim to Playhead,” “Trim to Clip Edge,” or “Split Clip.”

3. Time to Shine

You’ve got a ton of options:

  • Add music, sound effects, titles, backgrounds, and transitions from the top toolbar.
  • Play with color balance, corrections, cropping, video stabilization, volume, noise reduction, and speed using the icons above the video clip.

4. Show It Off

When your masterpiece’s ready for the world:

  • Hit the “Share” icon up top.
  • Click “YouTube & Facebook.”
  • Pick your video quality and save it on your Mac.

Now, go back to the YouTube Channel dashboard and hit that upload button.


Editing your YouTube videos is a breeze with these killer tools in your arsenal. Whether you’re repping YouTube Studio, rocking Windows 11 Clipchamp App, vibing with Windows 10 Photos App, or jamming on macOS iMovie, you’ve got the power to take your video content to the next level. So, start editing and make your YouTube channel pop!



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