How to Delete Watched Video History on Facebook Mobile App


How to delete watched video history on facebook mobile app – How to delete watched video history on facebook mobile app. Nowadays, Facebook is like, super duper popular, right? People aren’t just posting their status and pics, they’re also checking out tons of videos on the platform. But here’s the thing, your watch history on Facebook can get pretty messy after a while. And guess what? Facebook keeps track of all that stuff you watch to give you better recommendations.

How to Delete Watched Video History on Facebook Mobile App

So, if you wanna clean up your act and take control of your Facebook video watching, keep on reading, peeps!

Yo, Let’s Dive In!

So, here’s how you can totally delete your watched video history on the Facebook mobile app:

1. Open Up the Facebook App, Duh!

First things first, open up the Facebook app on your smartphone. Make sure you’re all logged in and stuff.

2. Hit That Menu Icon

Now, tap on that menu icon up in the top-right corner. It usually looks like three horizontal lines.

3. Get to Settings & Privacy

Scroll down just a bit and hit the “Settings & privacy” option.

4. Get Into the Settings Zone

From here, go ahead and tap on “Settings” below.

5. Dive into Your Activity

Scroll down in the “Settings & privacy” section and find “Your activity.” Give it a tap.

6. Time to Check Out Your Activity Log

Now, tap on “Activity log.”

7. Ready to Roll

Scroll down a little more and tap on that down arrow next to “Logged actions and other activity.”

8. Find the Videos You’ve Watched

From the list of options, tap on “Videos you’ve watched.”

9. Pick a Video to Chuck Out

You’ll see a list of all the videos you’ve ever watched. Choose a video you wanna get rid of and tap on those three dots next to it.

10. Send It to the Trash Can

To delete that watched video, tap on “Delete.”

And boom! That video is gone from your watch history. Keep repeating these steps if you wanna clean house some more.

How to Find Your Facebook Watch History

Facebook watch history is like this list of all the videos you’ve watched on Facebook. Finding it is a piece of cake with the Activity log. We got the deets on how to find it right up there.

1. Follow Steps 1-8 from the “How to Delete Watched Video History on the Facebook Mobile App” section, duh!

2. Get Ready to Clear Your Video Watch History

Once you’re on your Watch history page, tap on the “Clear video watch history” option.

3. Confirm That Delete

Finally, you’ll get a confirmation pop-up on your screen. Tap “CLEAR” to make it official.

And that’s it, folks! If your watch history was like, super long, it might take a little bit to delete it all at once.

Why You Should Delete Your Watch History on Facebook?

So, check it out, clearing your watch history on Facebook is actually pretty rad, folks! It’s not just about making it easier to find the videos you’re into. There are some cool reasons why you should totally be hitting that delete button on your Facebook watch history from time to time. Here’s the lowdown:

1. Shake Off Those Same Old Recommendations

You know how Facebook keeps suggesting videos based on your old watching habits? Well, if you’re tired of seeing the same stuff over and over again, nuking your watch history might just be the solution, my friends!

2. Clear It Out for Extra Safety, Dude!

Yo, this one’s important! By wiping out your watch history, you’re basically playing it safe. So, if someone ever sneaks into your account, they won’t get to peek at your viewing history. It’s like protecting your digital soul, man!

3. Toss Out the Old and Unwanted Videos, Bro!

Imagine your watch history is packed with a bunch of old videos you couldn’t care less about. Time to clean house, right? This way, your account stays looking fresh and uncluttered!

4. No Need to Panic If Your Account Gets Hacked, Stay Cool, Bro!

Ever heard those horror stories about people’s Facebook accounts getting hacked? It can be a total freakout, right? But when you’ve wiped your watch history clean, you can keep your cool. ‘Cause those hackers won’t see your history, which might have some… uh, less important stuff.

5. If You’re All About Privacy, This Is Your Way Out, Dude!

This one’s the biggie! If you’re all about that online privacy vibe, then deleting your watch history is the way to go, my friend! It’s like putting up a big “no trespassing” sign on your personal data. Your privacy game stays strong!


Deleting your video watch history on the Facebook mobile app is a smart move to keep things tidy and keep your privacy intact. In today’s digital world, online privacy is kinda a big deal, you know? When you wipe out that watch history, you’re making sure Facebook isn’t keeping tabs on what you watch. Plus, you’ll have more control over the video recommendations that pop up on your feed. So, if you wanna start fresh and take charge of your viewing experience, just follow these easy steps. Peace out!



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