Edit Audio Youtube: Full Guide for Beginners


Edit audio youtube

Networkingaudiovideo.com – Edit audio youtube. In today’s digital scene, YouTube’s where all the cool kids hang out, and everyone’s vying for that sweet viewer love. To keep your videos poppin’, it’s essential to stand out. While YouTube dishes out some basic audio editing, it’s not exactly flexin’ its muscles.

Edit Audio Youtube: Full Guide for Beginners

If you’ve ever felt like YouTube’s native audio editor falls short of your creative ambitions, then you’re in the right place. This article is your golden ticket to unlocking the full potential of YouTube’s online audio editor, even after your video has hit the platform. As you dive deeper into this article, you’ll not only master YouTube’s audio editing wizardry, but you’ll also discover the ultimate YouTube audio editing guru. With two powerful methods to fine-tune your audio on YouTube, your journey towards audio perfection is about to kick off. In this article, we’ll dive into YouTube’s audio editor and drop some hot knowledge about an alternative beast โ€“ Filmora Video Editor.

YouTube Audio Edit: Let’s Break It Down

YouTube’s video editor comes equipped with a massive audio library that’s ready to elevate your videos. With thousands of music files at your fingertips, it’s a creative playground like no other. This segment is your gateway to understanding the ins and outs of the YouTube online audio editor. You’ll unravel the secrets of using this tool to finesse your audio right on the YouTube platform, and the best part? You’ll be able to sprinkle audio magic over your uploaded YouTube videos with ease. So, let’s venture forth into the realm of YouTube audio wizardry! here’s how you roll:

Step 1: First, you gotta log into your YouTube turf. Hit up your profile, then slide into “Creator Studio.”

Step 2: On the left, tap “Video Manager,” then click “Videos.” Find the vid you wanna tweak and hit up that “Edit” button. From the dropdown, pick “Audio.”

Step 3: You’ll find a fat stash of tracks in YouTube’s audio crib. Just pick your jam and click “Add to Video.” Bam, it’s in your video like that.

Step 4: Your audio track will be chillin’ below the video player. You can chop it up, move it around, and set it just right. If you wanna trim it, click at the start or end of the audio bar and slide it left or right.

But wait, hold up! YouTube’s audio editor has some limits. If you’re tryna level up your audio game, it’s time to call in the big guns.

Filmora Video Editor: The Real MVP

When you find yourself unimpressed by YouTube’s audio capabilities, it’s time to roll out the red carpet for Filmora Video Editor. This mighty tool is your ticket to becoming a YouTube audio maestro, even if you’re just stepping into the arena. With Filmora, you’ll be ready to conquer the audio realm, whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro. This software is your trusty sidekick, armed with the right tricks to make your videos pop, your content engaging, and your audience begging for more. It’s not just an editor; it’s your secret weapon in the battle for audio excellence on YouTube. So, step into the ring and let Filmora Video Editor be your guide to audio supremacy!

Filmora Video Editor’s Hot Features:

  1. Total control over your audio with pro editing options.
  2. Ready-to-roll audio effects at your fingertips.
  3. Ditch, mute, or get rid of that annoying noise in your video.
  4. Built-in equalizer for creating your own unique audio vibes.
  5. Quick uploads to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more.

How to Audio Edit on YouTube with Filmora Video Editor

Step 1: Import your video files into Filmora’s playground by hitting “Import.”

Step 2: If you wanna spice up that original audio, you gotta split it from the video. Right-click the video timeline and hit “Audio Detach.” That’ll put your audio and video on separate tracks, ready for your magic touch.

Step 3: You can add sick royalty-free audio effects and tracks from Filmora’s audio stash. If you’ve got your own tracks, drop ’em in โ€“ just make sure they’re royalty-free to dodge copyright beef.

Step 4: Click that audio timeline twice, and you’ll find all the audio tricks at your fingertips. Adjust the volume, speed, fades, pitch, and more. The audio equalizer, noise removal, and audio mixer are just a click away.

Step 5: When your audio game is strong, it’s time to show YouTube what you’re made of. Hit up “Export” in the menu and choose “Upload to YouTube.” Sign in, and drop your audio-packed video right onto your channel.


In a nutshell, while YouTube’s audio editor is chill for basic tweaks, it ain’t flexing like Filmora Video Editor. With Filmora, you can create that ๐Ÿ”ฅ content that captivates your audience. So why settle for ordinary audio when you can make your videos pop with Filmora Video Editor? Level up your YouTube game and unleash your creative beast today!



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