Best Video Recovery App for Smartphone in 2023


Best Video Recovery App

Networkingaudiovideo.comBest video recovery app for smartphone in 2023 It’s super handy for retrieving accidentally deleted videos on the mobile device we’re using. Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. We use it to take precious photos and videos that document beautiful moments in our lives. However, it is not uncommon to find ourselves in a situation where valuable videos are accidentally deleted. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem in the form of video recovery apps. In this article, we will discuss several of the best apps that can help you recover lost videos on your Android device.

Best Video Recovery App for Smartphone in 2023

Losing valuable videos can be a painful experience. It could be a fun birthday moment, a cherished family vacation, or even important videos used for work. Without the right solution, these videos may be lost forever. However, with the assistance of reliable video recovery apps, you have a chance to retrieve those lost memories.

In this article, we’re gonna check out a bunch of apps that can save your butt when you accidentally delete videos from your Android device.We’ll dive into how each app does its thing, what they’re good at, and where they might come up short. Once you’ve got the lowdown, you can pick the app that fits you like a glove.

1. Recovery Deleted Photos: Multifunctional and Efficient

The first app we’ll discuss is Recovery Deleted Photos. Despite its name suggesting it’s only for recovering deleted photos, this app is highly reliable for retrieving accidentally deleted video files as well. Additionally, Android users can utilize this app to recover deleted photos. Its operation is straightforward – Recovery Deleted Photos scans and restores deleted video files.

One of the advantages of Recovery Deleted Photos is its ability to detect hidden photos on a user’s smartphone. This makes the app versatile and recommended for Android users who have lost important files such as videos and photos. The app’s size is only 3.3 MB, so it won’t burden your device’s storage, and you can easily download it from the Google Play Store.

2. Dr. Fone (Recovery & Backup): Powerful but Requires a Computer

The next app to consider is Dr. Fone (Recovery & Backup). This app is highly effective at recovering accidentally deleted video files. However, using it can be somewhat complicated, as Android users need to connect their devices to a computer. Video files are restored after Android users activate USB Debugging in Developer Options, and the app scans the smartphone.

Please note that the scanning time will be longer if the video files on the smartphone are quite large. This can also impact application performance making it less efficient. Therefore, this application may not be ideal for recovering very large video files.

4. Dumpster: Like a Recycle Bin for Android

The third app we’ll discuss is Dumpster. This app is designed for recovering deleted videos and operates similarly to the Recycle Bin on Windows operating systems. With a similar working principle, Android users can use Dumpster to recover lost video files.

One of the significant advantages of Dumpster is its ability to operate offline. Android users don’t need to root their devices to use this app. Additionally, Dumpster can recover files with various extensions, including jpg, mp4, avi, mkv, png, webm, wmv, avi, mp3, as well as document files like docx, txt, pdf, and more.

3. EaseUS MobiSaver: More Than Just Video Recovery

The fourth app we’ll discuss is EaseUS MobiSaver. In addition to being reliable for recovering deleted video files, this app can also recover call history, SMS, contacts, and WhatsApp messages. So, if you’ve lost more than just videos, EaseUS MobiSaver can be a comprehensive solution.

This app can also easily recover image files with extensions like gif, jpg, bmp, tif/tiff, and png. Another advantage is its simple and user-friendly interface, ensuring that Android users won’t have to worry about complexity when using it.


We’ve all experienced that moment when a valuable video gets accidentally deleted from our smartphones. It can be heart-wrenching, right? But don’t worry, there are some tricks to help you deal with this issue. Here are some clever tips:

  1. Choose the Right App: First, make sure you are using the right video recovery app. For example, “Deleted Photo Recovery” is a good choice because it is multifunctional and can detect hidden photos
  2. Backup Your Data: It’s always a good idea to regularly back up your data. This will help you avoid losing precious videos. You can use apps like “EaseUS MobiSaver” to back up various types of files.
  3. Think About Video Size: If your video is a biggie in terms of file size, apps like “Dr. Fone” might need more time to do their scan. So, make sure your device has the room and you’ve got the time in your schedule if you’re thinking of going with this app.
  4. Try Offline Apps: If you don’t want the hassle of connecting to a computer, apps like “Dumpster” that can operate offline are a great choice. You also don’t need to root your device for this.
  5. Understand How the App Works: Before using a video recovery app, take a moment to understand how it works. This will help you use the app more efficiently.
  6. Don’t Panic: When a video gets deleted, don’t panic. Panicking will only make the situation worse. Try one of the prepared video recovery apps.

Remember, with a little preparation and an understanding of how video recovery apps work, you can easily tackle situations when valuable videos suddenly disappear. Hopefully, these tips will help you recover those lost memories wisely!


Losing valuable videos can be a very painful experience, but with the help of the right video recovery apps, you have a chance to reclaim those lost memories. In this article, we’ve discussed some of the best apps to address this issue. From the multifunctionality of Recovery Deleted Photos to the comprehensiveness of EaseUS MobiSaver, the choice is in your hands. Good luck, and may you successfully recover your precious videos!



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