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Best Job Search App UK – Best job search app UK. Looking for a job in the UK? Well, you’re in luck because the digital age has revolutionized the job hunting game, making it easier than ever to find the perfect opportunity.

Navigating the UK Job Market: The Top 10 Best job Search App K

In this era of smartphones and apps, your dream job might just be a few taps away. We’ve sifted through the vast array of job search apps available in the UK and curated a list of the top 10 that you need to know about. From traditional job boards to innovative platforms, these apps will help you land the job you’ve been dreaming of. So, grab your smartphone, let’s explore the best job search apps in the UK.

1. Adzuna

Kicking off our list is Adzuna, a UK-founded global job posting site that has become a household name for job seekers and employers alike. Adzuna boasts millions of visitors each month, making it a hotspot for job listings. What’s more, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket – it’s free to try! In a significant move, Adzuna also took over the operation of the Find a Job site, replacing the Universal Jobmatch. This government job board is available in both English and Welsh, offering opportunities to a wide range of job seekers.

2. CV-Library

True to its name, CV-Library houses a rich database of over 17 million CVs, making it a goldmine for employers looking to find the right candidates. You can advertise your job listings on this platform by purchasing a single job ad or a bundle, ensuring your positions reach a vast audience. Job postings on CV-Library are shared with hundreds of other sites, including popular names like Glassdoor and Adzuna, giving your listings maximum exposure and a higher chance of attracting the perfect candidates.

3. Best Job Search App UK: Escape the City

Escape the City isn’t your run-of-the-mill job board. It’s a thriving community of individuals seeking meaningful and impactful job opportunities. With over 300 thousand members, most of whom boast degrees, professional certifications, and extensive experience, this platform is perfect for those wanting exciting and unconventional careers. Escape the City invites you to post all kinds of jobs, from fellowships to co-founder positions across various fields, offering an unconventional approach to job hunting.

4. Indeed UK

Indeed is a global powerhouse in the job search industry, and it’s just as popular in the UK as it is around the world. Both job seekers and employers in the UK frequently use Indeed. Employers can display their job ads for free, provided they meet the platform’s posting standards. To gain extra visibility for your job listings, consider Indeed’s pay-per-click options, a valuable tool to stand out in the competitive job market.

5. Monster UK

Monster UK is the local branch of the renowned global job board, attracting millions of job seekers every month. The platform offers three types of job ads that can be purchased in bundles, providing flexibility for employers. What sets Monster UK apart is its ability to distribute job ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as other targeted websites through banner ads. This means increased visibility and a broader reach for your job listings.

6. Otta

Otta is a UK-based job site that covers a wide range of job functions, from engineering to sales and marketing, and caters to all career levels, from entry-level to VP. One of its standout features is its commitment to providing unbiased opinions of companies, tailored recommendations, salary benchmarks, and other valuable insights. With about 3,000 job roles posted weekly, Otta is a go-to platform for job seekers and employers seeking a comprehensive job search experience.

7. proudly claims to be visited by seven million people per month, with over 45 thousand candidates registering in its database weekly. Employers can choose among three job advertising options, each offering distinct features, such as sending your job ads to selected candidates via email and promoting your listings in the site’s search results. This dynamic job board ensures that your job postings get the attention they deserve.

8. Totaljobs (and Jobsite)

Totaljobs and Jobsite have joined forces to create a job search powerhouse, attracting a staggering 20 million monthly visits and boasting a combined CV database of 15.5 million. When you post your job on Totaljobs, it automatically appears on both sites, expanding your reach and chances of finding the perfect candidates. Totaljobs also offers advanced services such as branded job ads and social media campaigns for employers looking to maximize their impact in the job market.

9. Best Job Search App UK: Unicorn Hunt

Unicorn Hunt is a job board with a London-centric focus, specializing in startup job listings. This platform goes the extra mile by promoting your job ads on social media and in their main and job-specific newsletters. For early-stage startups with budget constraints, Unicorn Hunt offers a “choose your own discount” feature, allowing you to reduce the cost of your job listings while still reaching a substantial audience of potential candidates.

10. WorkInStartups

WorkInStartups caters to tech startups across the UK. Startups can post job listings for free, while external recruiters and hiring agencies pay a fee. The platform also provides paid features like social media promotion and banner advertising, allowing employers to reach a broader audience of qualified candidates. For tech enthusiasts and startups, this platform is a treasure trove of opportunities.


In the age of smartphones and apps, the job search process has never been easier, and these top 10 job search apps in the UK are your gateway to a world of exciting opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a traditional job or a unique, startup-centric position, there’s a platform to meet your needs. However, regardless of where you choose to post your job listings, remember that crafting clear, informative, and attractive job ads is crucial to attracting qualified candidates. So, start exploring these job search apps and take the first step toward landing your dream job in the UK!



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