Best Free Photo Editing Apps


best free photo editing apps – Best free photo editing apps. In this era of smartphone snapshots and social media swagger, having a rad photo editing app is pretty much a necessity. Whether you’re all about glamming up your selfies, nailing those travel shots, or just getting creative with your pics, there’s a bunch of free photo editing apps that’ve got your back.

The 12 Hottest Free Photo Editing Apps to Level Up Your Pics

This article is your hookup to the 12 dopest free photo editing apps that’ll take your photography game to the next level. From the AI magic of Photolemur 3 to the artsy vibes of Inshot, we’re laying it all out for you.

1. Photolemur 3

Photolemur 3 is that under-the-radar gem of a photo editing app. It’s got some next-level AI mojo going on, making your photos pop like whoa. One of its killer features? It’s all about making faces look their absolute best. Plus, this app can analyze your pics and fix overexposure, even bringing back stuff you didn’t know was missing.

2. Adobe Lightroom CC

For the mobile crowd, Adobe Lightroom CC is the real deal. If you’re running an online hustle or just super serious about photo editing, this one’s your jam. It’s got a built-in camera that lets you flex your photography muscles, and it plays nice with those RAW files. Wanna watermark your pics? You can. Wanna play with exposure settings? You got it.

3. Instasize

If you’re a social media ninja, Instasize is your ride-or-die photo editing app. It’s Insta-ready, resizing your pics for the Gram with zero effort. You can switch up background colors, create epic layered shots, and craft those collages like a boss. Plus, it lets you snap a pic and edit it on the fly, making sure your social game stays strong.

4. Lens Distortions

The Lens Distortions app is the secret weapon of the photo pros. It’s packing some serious heat with its effects – think flashes, light leaks, and wicked color filters. You can even dial in that perfect level of blur or shine for your photos. And if you’re all about that outdoor photography, the overlays are a game-changer for capturing snow, rain, fog, or a blazing sun.

5. Bonfire

Android peeps, listen up – Bonfire’s got your back. With a staggering 110 filters in its arsenal, you can customize your pics like a boss. And there’s one filter that turns regular pics into watercolor masterpieces. The app keeps it real by letting you see the original and edited pics side by side, so you’re always in control.

6. Apple Photos

If you’re rolling with an iOS device, Apple Photos is where the party’s at for editing. The Live Photos feature is all about nailing those exposure levels on the spot. Rocking an iPhone Pro? You can tweak white balance and banish those pesky shadows. And if you’re all about those color adjustments, you’ve got options aplenty.

7. Snapseed

Snapseed, owned by the Google crew, is the slickest cat in the photo editing alley, and it’s got love for both Androids and iPhones. It’s all about swipe and go – your finger’s the magic wand. You can pick and choose from a bunch of preset styles like silhouette, smooth vibes, or morning glow. The usual suspects like making pics black and white or adding some grain? Yep, it’s all there. Plus, you can throw in frames and all kinds of text styles.

But here’s the kicker – Snapseed’s got some rad tools that not every app can touch. We’re talking about perspective correction, a healing brush, HDR, and structure/sharpness. The only bummer? It’s all about JPGs and DNGs.

8. Inshot

Inshot is like the wild child of photo editing apps, with some serious Photoshop vibes. The free version might have some limits, but it’s still a hot ticket. And what’s extra sweet is it uses AI to give you some editing powers that are usually behind a paywall.

9. PicsArt

PicsArt is loaded with editing features that are as easy to throw down as a sick beat. You can edit and check out multiple versions of your pics all at once. Whether you’re cropping, stretching, getting all motiony, cloning stuff, or making it rain with dispersion, PicsArt’s got you. And if portrait pics are your thing, they’ve got tools for that too – auto fix, face fix, smooth brush, you name it. They’ve even got you covered for fixing blemishes, fine-tuning skin tone, hair, red-eye, teeth, and even changing eye color.

10. VSCO

VSCO is the home of all things editing, with all the features you could ever want. You can tweak tones, contrast, and exposure, or get creative and make pics look grainy, faded, or crystal clear. The skin tone fix might be a bit limited, but it’s still got your back. And one thing that peeps love about VSCO is that it makes it a breeze to apply the same edits over and over – just save ’em and they’ll auto-apply.

12. BeFunky

BeFunky is where the fun goes down for photo edits. It’s all about the basics, plus it’s the king of touch-ups. You can change eye colors, vanish wrinkles, erase blemishes, whiten teeth, and take out red-eye. They even have a makeup setting that’s all about lipstick and glam. And when you goof up an edit, you can undo it with one tap. It’s all about getting those pics back to their OG glory.

13. PicLab

For all the peeps who wanna get creative with their pics, PicLab is the party you wanna crash. Filters, cropping, and overlays are the name of the game. The overlays let you add texture, change the lighting, toss in some shapes, and even stick on a bunch of stickers and funky fonts.


In a world where photos are king, having a solid photo editing app is like having the keys to the kingdom. These 12 epic free photo editing apps offer everything from AI wizardry to pro-level touch-ups. Whether you’re a newbie trying to perfect your selfies or a pro looking to level up your game, there’s an app here for you. So don’t sleep on it – start pimping your pics today with these stellar free photo editing apps. Your Insta feed is gonna be lit!



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