Anime Video for Editing: Best Sites to Get Anime Footage


Anime video for editing – Anime video for editing, best sites to get anime footage for free. Anime is the bomb, right? It’s got all the epic stories, crazy characters, and rad visuals that we can’t get enough of. But you know what’s even cooler? Taking those sweet anime moments and crafting them into your very own video edits. Whether you’re a total editing ninja or just starting out, finding primo anime footage is the name of the game.

Anime Video for Editing: Best Sites to Get Anime Footage

So, here’s the lowdown on four super trendy websites where you can snag raw anime clips for free. Let’s jump into the anime editing world and check out these dope resources!

1. Anime-Raws

First up, we got Anime-Raws in the house! This site is all about hooking you up with direct downloads of raw anime videos. But hey, it’s not just about videos – they’ve also got anime music vids and gifs for days.

Now, here’s the deal – you gotta sign up first, no biggie though. Once you’re in, you’ll see a slick interface with tons of options up top. Hit up that master list, and it’ll take you to a massive stash of anime TV series.

You’ll be blown away by the thousands of raw anime series they’ve got up for grabs. Finding your fave anime is a breeze – just search for it and click. They’ll whisk you away to a cloud link where all the episodes are ready to roll. A few clicks later, and you’ve got your episodes, easy peasy!

2. Comp Squad

Next, let’s give it up for Comp Squad, short for Compilation Squad. These cats are all about putting together compilations from different anime series. It’s like a goldmine for anime clip hunters!

When you hit their site, you’ll find two cool options: Comp List and Tellynom. If you’re hunting for clips from a specific anime, hit up that Comp List. You’ll land on a page with a bunch of anime series listed. Most of these have multiple compilations, so you’re in for a treat. Just type in the name of your anime crush, and voila – you’ll see a Google Drive or Mega link right next to it. Downloading clips from these cloud links is smoother than butter.

But what if your anime isn’t on the list? No worries! Click on Tellynom from the homepage, and you can ask the contributors to hook you up. Comp Squad’s got your back for all your clip needs.

3. Gogoanime.VC

Now, let’s talk about Gogo Anime, the third wheel in this anime clip downloading trio. These folks are all about dishing out whole anime seasons and movies. You’re in for a wild ride!

Getting your mitts on your fave anime seasons is as simple as pie. Just hit up the “Anime List” in the top menu, and you’ll land on a page with anime series lined up alphabetically.

Track down your anime crush, click on it, and boom – you’ll see all the episodes. Hit that “Download” button, and you’re on your way to collecting your anime gems with just a few clicks.

Gogo Anime is like the smooth operator of the anime clip world, making it super easy to snag those sweet episodes for your video editing adventures.


Last but not least, we got in the house – the easy-breezy site for all your anime downloading needs. As soon as you hit their site, you’ll see the freshest anime listings laid out all nice and neat.

For every anime, they’ve got a torrent download link and a magnetic link just waiting for you. It’s a one-click wonderland! And if you’re on a mission to find a specific anime, their search bar is your trusty sidekick.’s got that no-nonsense vibe, making it perfect for anime editing pros and newbies alike.

5. KissAnime

Yo, peeps, let me put you on to KissAnime – it’s like the go-to spot for snagging a ton of raw, uncut anime episodes. As soon as you hit that site, you’re hit with the hottest anime recommendations. But here’s the kicker – you’re not locked into their suggestions. You can straight-up search for your anime crush or just chill and browse through their epic collection.

And guess what? You don’t need to deal with any sign-up drama to get those sweet anime vids. It’s all on the house, no strings attached. They’re all about keeping it hassle-free.


Anime video editing is where it’s at, my peeps! With these four sites – Anime-Raws, Comp Squad, Gogo Anime, and – you’ve got a one-way ticket to anime clip heaven. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, these platforms have got the hookup for your creative adventures. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the anime editing world and let your imagination run wild! Thanks for visit our blog



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