The Best 7 AI Video Editing in 2023 Should You Use


ai video editing – AI Video editing best in 2023. Video editing has come a long way, and the integration of AI technology into video editing software has revolutionized the industry. AI-powered video editors offer a wide range of features that can enhance the quality and efficiency of your video editing process.

The Best 7 AI Video Editing in 2023 Should You Use

In this article, we will explore some of the best AI video editors available today, highlighting their pros and cons. Whether you are a professional videographer or a content creator looking to improve your video editing skills, these AI video editors can help you achieve remarkable results.

1. Wondershare Filmora – Polishing Videos with AI

Wondershare Filmora is our top pick for the best AI video editor for polishing your videos with AI tools. Despite being in the market for over 15 years, Filmora continues to evolve and innovate. It offers a package of AI features that can significantly enhance your video quality without requiring advanced editing skills. Here are some of the key AI features Filmora brings to the table:

AI Smart Cutout

Filmora’s AI smart cutout feature allows you to easily cut objects out of scenes by simply painting their area on the screen. This is a handy tool for isolating and manipulating specific elements within your video.

AI Audio Denoise

So, AI audio denoise helps you control background noise in your videos, ensuring that your audio remains clear and professional.

AI Audio Stretch

This feature enables you to stretch music to match the length of your video, making it easy to sync your audio with your visuals seamlessly.

AI Motion Tracking

Filmora’s AI motion tracking allows you to identify and blur faces in your video for privacy or add funny faces for creating entertaining meme videos.

AI Remove Background

With AI remove background, you can replace the background in your videos, allowing for creative and dynamic visual effects.

AI Silence Detection

Eliminate hesitations and create smooth jump cuts effortlessly with AI silence detection, ensuring your video flows seamlessly.

In addition to these AI features, Filmora provides users with a range of learning resources and tutorials, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced video editors. You can also customize various settings when exporting your video, such as format, resolution, quality, and frame rate. Moreover, Filmora offers integration with platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Vimeo, allowing you to publish your videos quickly. One standout feature is the Auto Highlight toggle, which generates short video highlights optimized for platforms like TikTok and YouTube shorts.

Filmora offers a free plan with a video watermark, making it accessible to all. For more advanced features and no watermark, you can opt for the annual plan priced at $67.97/year or purchase Filmora X for a one-time payment of $109.99.

2. Kapwing – Flexible Video Editing with AI

If you’re looking for a flexible video editor that provides a Canva-style experience, Kapwing is an excellent choice. It offers a wide range of features and flexibility similar to Filmora. Kapwing stands out by allowing you to edit video by editing the script, making it a versatile tool for various video editing tasks.

3. Runway – Experimenting with Generative AI

Runway is our pick for the best AI video enhancer for those looking to experiment with generative AI. While Runway offers advanced AI tools for unique results, it does come with a learning curve. However, the results it can produce are truly impressive. Runway provides a professional-grade video editing interface with top-notch video tutorials to help users get started.

4. Peech – AI Video Generator for Content Marketing Teams

Peech is our top choice for content marketing teams in search of the best AI video generator. It streamlines the process of repurposing content and branding videos efficiently. So, Peech offers a range of features that simplify video production:

Peech Lite

Peech Lite allows you to brand your videos by adding your logo and color scheme. It automatically detects faces in your media and prompts you to enter names and roles, ensuring consistency in your branding.

Peech Webinars

For repurposing webinars, Peech Webinars allows you to upload your content and export short videos for platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts, all branded and ready to share.

Peech Testimonials

Peech Testimonials simplifies the process of creating high-quality video testimonials. You can invite clients to record reviews, and Peech will deliver the final video with subtitles and branding.

Peech offers a free plan for one user, which includes 2 videos per month with a 5-minute upload limit and watermark. The pro plan starts at $59/month, increasing the video cap to 10 videos per month, extending the upload limit to 50 minutes, and removing the watermark.

5. Synthesia – AI Video Generator Using Digital Avatars

Synthesia takes the crown as the best AI video generator for those seeking digital avatars. If you need to create training videos but lack human actors, Synthesia offers an impressive library of real-looking digital avatars from around the world.

6. Fliki – AI Video Generator for Social Media

Fliki is the best AI video generator for producing social media content quickly. It excels in combining text-to-speech with video, allowing you to control intonation and rhythm effectively. Here’s why Fliki is an excellent choice for social media content:

Text-to-Speech Controls

Fliki simplifies the process of adding voiceovers to your videos by providing intuitive controls for adjusting tone, pitch, and pauses.

Speedy Content Creation

Fliki streamlines video production, making it easy to create videos ready for social media posting.

Fliki offers a free plan with up to 5 minutes of video and a watermark. The standard plan, priced at $28/month, increases the limits to 180 minutes, removes the watermark, and enhances video quality to 1080p.

7. Visla – AI Video Generator for Turning Scripts into Videos

Visla is our top pick for an AI video generator that can turn scripts into videos seamlessly. It offers an efficient workflow for generating video content from text scripts. Key features of Visla include:

Text Script Generation

Visla can generate video scripts with concise and to-the-point paragraphs, making it easy to create video content from scratch.

AI Video Stock Suggestions

Visla’s AI engine searches a stock image and video library to find suitable content that matches your script, resulting in a well-edited video with a professional flow.

Text-Based Video Editing

Visla provides a text-based video editing tool similar to Descript, simplifying the process of trimming and editing your video content.

Visla’s free plan includes up to 50 minutes of video, 3 hours of transcription, and 10GB of cloud storage. The premium plan, priced at $24/month, removes limits on video duration, offers up to 10 hours of transcription, and provides 100GB of storage.


AI video editors and generators have opened up exciting possibilities for content creators, marketers, and videographers. Whether you’re looking to enhance the quality of your videos, create engaging content, or streamline your video production process, these AI tools offer a diverse range of features to suit your needs. From Wondershare Filmora’s comprehensive video editing capabilities to Synthesia’s digital avatars and Visla’s text-to-video conversion, there’s an AI video editor for every task. Explore these options, experiment, and discover how AI can elevate your video editing game.



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