AI Application Photo Editor Best for Free


AI Application Photo Editor – AI application photo editor best for free. Yo, guys! Welcome to the era where your pics get a major upgrade with AI-powered photo sorcery. In this article, we’re diving deep into the raddest AI apps for your photos.

AI Application Photo Editor Best for Free

From Luminar Neo’s swaggy editing skills to’s wicked image generation, Topaz Gigapixel AI’s resolution boost, Aftershoot’s AI culling, and Adobe Photoshop CC’s AI wizardry – we’ve got the lowdown on the coolest trends in AI photo magic.

1. Luminar Neo: AI Awesomeness in Photo Editing

Luminar Neo has always been the boss of AI photo editing. This bad boy comes with a toolbox full of tools that can supercharge your photos. Check out the rad features:

  • Mask AI: Handpick specific elements in your photos for fine-tuned adjustments. It can identify up to nine elements, including sky, water, and even peeps. You can get your tweak on with the mask too.
  • AI Sky: It doesn’t just switch out the sky – it adds reflections and relights your scene to match the new sky. Plus, you can drop objects like birds or the moon into your shot.
  • Portrait Bokeh AI: Make that background blur in your portrait shots, creating that swanky bokeh effect.
  • Relight AI: This tool throws a 3D spin on your image, spreading the light around naturally and giving your photo a fresh vibe.
  • Composition AI: It’s your personal framing assistant. No more wonky shots!
  • Portrait Background Removal AI: Sayonara, boring backgrounds. This AI zaps ’em away for your portrait shots.
  • Face AI: Quickly identify faces and their features for easy editing. There’s even a Body AI for full-body portraits.
  • Remove Powerlines AI: No more cityscape eyesores – this AI removes power lines and other blemishes with a flick of its virtual wrist.

Luminar Neo is the ultimate sidekick for editing photos, offering both simple tools and advanced settings for those who want to dive deep into the pixel pool.

2. AI Application Photo Editor is like your AI artist buddy, creating killer images for less than a cent apiece. No more shelling out big bucks for custom pics when this dynamo is in town. Check out what it can do:

  • Upscale: Turn low-res images into high-res masterpieces using the power of AI.
  • Inpainting: Add, remove, or replace objects in your pics with a cool brush tool.
  • Outpainting: Let your creativity run wild by extending your image beyond its original borders.
  • Tunes: Generate top-notch AI avatars in a snap.
  • Remove Background: Toss that boring background out the window in seconds.
  • PoseCopycat: Copy poses from one image to another, or use your own to get that perfect pose.
  • PosePerfect: Manipulate a digital skeleton to have total control over your subject’s stance. is the ultimate pocket-friendly image creation tool, competing head-to-head with pricey stock photo sites. And for you photogs out there, the ‘Camera Setup’ feature lets you experiment with different gear and settings for the perfect shot.

3. Topaz Gigapixel AI: Amp Up Your Image Resolution

Topaz Gigapixel AI is your go-to wizard for turning tiny pics into big, bold beauties. This app can upscale your images by a whopping 600%. If you’ve ever tried to make a small pic bigger without it turning into a pixelated mess, you know the struggle. But Gigapixel AI is here to save the day:

  • Zoom in and crop a detail from your original pic, making it ready for print or sharing.
  • Sharpen your pics, banish compression artifacts, and more.

Gigapixel AI can be your standalone hero or a sidekick in your Lightroom and Photoshop adventures.

4. Aftershoot: AI Makes Culling a Breeze

Aftershoot is the ultimate manager for photographers. It uses AI to handle the boring part of sifting through tons of pics. Here’s how it rolls:

  • Select parameters like star ratings and colors.
  • Adjust the sensitivity for various categories like grouping duplicates or getting rid of blurry shots.
  • Let the AI do the heavy lifting.
  • Review and refine the culling process before exporting your pics.

No worries about privacy – Aftershoot keeps your pics safe and sound on your computer. Plus, they’ve added an ‘Edits’ AI tool, which learns from your Lightroom catalog to apply smart presets.

5. Adobe Photoshop CC: The OG of AI Photo Editing

Adobe Photoshop CC has been the king of photo editing for ages. While it didn’t rush into the AI game, it’s been gradually beefing up its AI arsenal with each update. Check out the dope AI features:

  • Content-Aware Fill: Zap away unwanted stuff in your pics, and let Photoshop fill in the gaps using nearby pixels.
  • Quick Selection/ Object Selection/ Subject Selection: Snag elements in your photos with lightning speed.
  • Smile: In the Liquify filter, there’s a Face detection tool for making peeps grin. It’s like magic!
  • Generative Fill AI: Just type in what you want, and the AI fills in the gaps. It’s a pixel wizard on steroids.

Plus, Photoshop has dropped some fresh neural filters:

  • Skin Smoothing: Blur and smooth your portraits like a boss.
  • Style Transfer: Give your pics a whole new look by transferring style, color, and texture.
  • Depth Blur: Create a rad depth-of-field effect in any pic.
  • Colorize: Add some color to those vintage black and white shots.


The future of photography is looking wild with AI in the mix. Whether you’re a pro photog or just a pic enthusiast, these AI tools are here to level up your game. Embrace the AI revolution and unleash your inner photo guru like never before!



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